Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hope And Change For Mexico?

Here I am to give you a depressing way to start the day, courtesy of the El Paso Times.
In this report, the United States Joint Forces command says that the current situation with the powerful drug cartels and their influence within the government structures could lead to a total collapse that could lead to an American military response.
And, a flood of illegal aliens that no nation has ever seen before.
Here is a clue that the incoming Obama administration should work on.
Encouraging economic policies that Mexico can follow that leads to a strong middle class. With a strong middle class, the extremes and corruption are considerably lessened.
This is one of the failings of the Bush administration and their push for "comprehensive immigration reform".
How about reform within Mexico?
It appears that their whole nationhood has to depend on it.


Mad Hatter said...

you know nothing will be done about this, Look whos running the country now. illegals has a free'er pass now.

skeneogden said...

If something had been done to secure the border over the last eight years we would have less to worry about from our southern neighbors.

Good fences do make good neighbors.