Sunday, January 18, 2009

Are You Sick Of The Obamagasm Yet?!

I will answer, HELL YES!
Look, I actually look forward to the presidential inauguration no matter who it is because each one is different and is handled differently.
But, this one for President-elect Obama is just mind-numbingly nauseating.
The gang at Powerlineblog have linked this article that shows media coverage of past inaugurations. Of course, the Democrats always seem to get rather positive coverage, the Republicans, well they are always happy to use Republicans vs. Republicans as in President George H. W. Bush and his "kinder, gentler" theme. And forget about the current President Bush.
But it is not just that typical coverage that is nauseating.
Take today's newspaper. There on the front page of the USA Today Magazine is a horrible photo of the president-elect and soon to be First Lady, Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama looks great in the photo. But, man did they do a lousy air-brushing of the soon-to-be 44th president.
Oh, turn on CBS and the commercials for the Monday night comedy slot from 8-10pm has a recurring theme. Care to take a guess as to what it is? "YES WE CAN" and at the end has the creepy 1930s-style Obama-like pictures of the programs in question.
Then there is the Pepsi Cola campaign that wants people to write an open letter to the president-elect. Now, do they really want a lot of conservative, Republicans writing what they want from the president-elect? I don't think so.
How about the wall-to-wall coverage on the cable news outlets? I just can not watch anymore. I want to watch the event itself, but why do we need so much coverage of an inauguration? It is not a coronation.
It is important to not lose sight that it is a historical first. That this great nation has elected the first black to the presidency. But, what is happening is not dignified for such an occasion. It is pretty much what I thought the left does not like.
I, for one, can not wait until 9:01am on Tuesday. When President-elect Obama becomes PRESIDENT Obama and this mindlessness stops!


a corgi said...

I figure we have 2 more weeks of the hype over the inauguration as Mr. Obama does all his first, first time in the white house as president, first press conference as president, etc etc etc

my prayers are for his success and for the Lord to surround him with wisdom and wise advisors


Anonymous said...

It's carter times 100, this guy can't handle the job, our security will be reduced to the core along with the military. He will spend us into oblivion. I will look for a new currency to get rid of debt.

Nikki said...

Yes I have had it! I can't even turn on the TV unless its a smutty show that at least won't mention the O word...get it the freak over with already! :)N

friedmsw said...

Obamagasm-that is priceless! Hey, but its true.