Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another Poll-Driven Democrat Presidency?

I will give it to Team Obama.
I mean, they sold the Democrat primary/caucus voters a real bill of goods.
Get out of Iraq in 16 months. It will not happen.
Middle class tax cut. Guffaw! guffaw! It will not happen.
The list will go on and on.
But, where they learned is from the master, one William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.
And, what did they learn from former President Clinton?
That when all else fails, have a poll-driven presidency.
Then, you can give your base a big middle finger and ask them where are they going to go.
Then, you can say that you did what the people wanted.
So, instead of referring to the big government infrastructure program as what it is, Team Obama calls it an "investment."
And, don't keep calling it a recession. No, no, no. Keep talking "recovery."
Really, I think that Team Obama should be straight with the American people. If he is going to raise taxes, say he is going to raise taxes. He should talk about infrastructure, not investment. And if we are in a recession, say it.
Playing cute by a half is what gets politicians in trouble in the first place.
It would really be change to believe in if President-elect Obama says what he means and sticks to it.
I will probably not agree with it.
But, it will be in plain English.
No bull. No buzz words and or buzz phrases.
Eventually, the American people catch on to when a politician is giving bull, buzz words and or phrases.
I want our president to speak clearly and what he really believes. Govern the way that he thinks is right, not what a poll and or consultants tell he should say or believe.
We had a poll-driven president in Bill Clinton. And, while a lot of people think that he left the United States in a better place than when he took office, there were a lot of things that were ignored and swept under the rug.
As much as I may not support much of the Obama agenda, the American people deserve a president that speaks the truth, as he sees it, with the American people. And, does not sweep potential road blocks or unpopularity under the rug.
Now is the time for leadership. Leadership that Barack Obama ran on. Now is not the time to go to the poll well.


Mad Hatter said...

You know that how the party is ran, which way the wind is blowing today. Democrats alway do this, cant believe your last post.

Righty64 said...

True, I KNOW, but I think a lot of people bought into the "Hope and change" and are going to be very disapointed. I think that if you read the linked article, Dick Morris explained the difference in how the Bush administration polled vs. the Clinton administration. I guess I still have some crazy notion that just once a candidate should govern the way that they ran for office!

Mad Hatter said...

hope and change slogan used 55 years ago, they will not be disappointed because no one will attack Obama. Im surprised that there is no uproar about the appointments that has been made. but thats that liberal stuff, I think I got my apples together for the next four years. How knows, presidents most of the time have to change the game plan when in office, the stuff that going on in GAZA and India may take a big effect on the flow of government. Its strange that small pockets are causing major problems......probe the field, lets see what the responses are, get what im saying?

DoorHold said...

"It would really be change to believe in if President-elect Obama says what he means and sticks to it.
I will probably not agree with it.
But, it will be in plain English."

He's a lawyer (as was Clinton), don't get your hopes up.

Middle-class tax cuts? Sure! One or two, teensy ones, here or there, with huge increases elsewhere. Voila! He told the truth while simultaneously stabbing everyone in the back.

Just someone in the neighborhood? Sure! Never heard a negative sermon? Sure! Never discussed the "sale" of his Senate seat? Sure!

Remember "It all depends on what the meaning of "is" is?" Sure you do! Get ready for four years of that kind of convoluted thinking.