Sunday, January 11, 2009

24 Analysis-Good Start


Jack Bauer is back and 24 started off with a bang as a Homeland Security technogeek was abducted in broad daylight as ol' Jack was about to testify before a senate committee witch hunt.
The CTU unit has been disbanded.
But, there is an FBI agent that thinks that Jack can help get the technogeek back before anything serious happens.
But, this is 24 and something serious always happens!
Some observations.
Jeanene Garafalo's charecter is not to be trusted. No, not because it is Jeanene Garafalo! But, because she is one nervous Nellie. Never trust a nervous Nellie!
The president is played by an actress named Cherry Jones. She strikes me as a Barack Obama kind of president. Wanting to go into an African nation in which there is a civil war and genocide. Admirable but usually foolhardy.
Her husband is a potential loose cannon as he is trying to prove that their son did not commit suicide. The First Gentleman, as he is refered to, is playing fast and loose and "going off the grid" to find out what he believes is the truth.
So far, none of the old CTU crowd has shown up yet. But, you know they will.
Also, it appears that the emphasis is on domestic terror. Maybe an election of a new president. Maybe a politically correct script. No matter. It may not end up that way.
And that is what makes 24 the great series that it is.
That is the kind of show that one of the fossil networks, ABC, CBS or NBC, should have on. Maybe then people would watch them more than they do now.
Another episode is on tomorrow night at the regular night at 8pm, 7pm Central and Mountain time on Fox Broadcast Network

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Pat Jenkins said...

my daughter brought up a great point 64. we wont get to see anymore of his testamony since it is set for 8 am "tomorrow". poor jack ain't gonna be in no shape to be questioned after 24 hours on the job!....