Friday, January 02, 2009

Finally, Charles Barkley Gets What He Deserves

Phil Mushnick of the New York Post is the best sports writer in the United States when it comes to analyzing the sports announcers and sports media in general.
And, Mr. Mushnick is spot on in this analysis of the arrest of former NBA star and resident loudmouth, "Sir" Charles Barkley on suspicion of DUI in Arizona earlier this past week.
Right out of the box, Mr. Mushnick states the obvious. That the sports media, a group that is even more left-of-center than many a political analyst, has not only enabled the Chuckster but does not want to be thought as "un-cool" and especially not thought as racists.
Thus, the Chuckster has been able to get away with being the moron that he has been for lo these many years.
It is probable that the Chuckster has had a drinking problem, which would explain some of his boorish behavior. That has been apparently covered-up well by the enabling sports media. The gambling problem that the Chuckster has is actually quite legendary.
And yet somehow, people want and even value his opinion on anything.
The Chuckster thinks that extending the Masters golf tournament is "racist" because it would hurt golf's greatest superstar and ambassador, Tiger Woods. Actually, the lengthening of the tourney helps Tiger. But, maybe the Chuckster was too busy in Blottoland. Or thinking of the next big bet he was going to place.
Why is this a problem?
Because of words that the Chuckster uttered in an advertising campaign for Nike shoes many a moon ago:
I am not a role model.
No truer words have been spoken by a so-called athlete.
If he were a role model, he would seek help for his problems instead of blaming society and his blackness for holding him back.
Look, I want the Chuckster to get help. I do not want to be an enabler of bad behavior especially if it is a cry for help.
But, a start has to be a sports media that has to stop butt-kissing these guys and yes gals as well. It is one thing to know about some antics. But, unlike other entertainers many athletes end up as analysts on the sport they played. Notice that on both the CBS and Fox pro-football pregame shows are dominated by former players and even coaches. Thus, they are more vulnerable when they are offering their expertise on the sport that they played in.
Or in the case of the Chuckster, his opinion on a lot of things.
Is his analysis clouded by a drinking problem? Is that why he has a habit of shooting off his mouth and offering silly comments like those about the Masters?
Where is the sports writer or broadcast reporter to call the Chuckster out on this matter?
They are too busy laughing at the Chuckster, not with him. And they are covering it up because they do not have to actually do their job. Which last I looked up was reporting.
One hopes that "Sir" Charles Barkley has had a real wake-up call.
If not, he can always go back to his enablers who will not stand up to and for him to get his act together.
And, one more thing.
Always make an effort to read Mr. Mushnick's analysis on Friday's and Monday's at the New York Post website.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

the sports media, a group that is even more left-of-center than many a political analyst

Wow. That sentence fragment, by itself, has made all of my previous visits worthwhile.

I'm glad that I waded through the rest of your drecht to find this little nugget of purse wingnut gold.

Many, many thanks to you.

Righty64 said...

Hmm. I did not know that you were an English teacher, Mr. Snarkle. But, since you want to correct me, I feel it is only fair to correct you. The word that you typed wrong is DRECK! And, I stand my the comment. After all, a man that I am certain you admire was and is a sports analyst. Keith Olbermann. A loser if there ever was one! And maybe you ought to read a sports section once in a while. Can they no longer afford one in the Boston Globe? Please, stop! I am too busy laughing at your assertion that I am wrong about what I wrote.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

'Dreck' is the boring, white bread version of the much richer original. You need to learn a little Yiddish, my friend.

Though "purse wingnut gold" should read "pure wingnut gold." My bad.

Good to know that Keith Olbermann is "the sports media, a group..."

"the sports media, a group that is even more left-of-center than many a political analyst" - that's going right onto a plaque in my billiard room. I will, of course, give you full credit.


Pat Jenkins said...

barkley provides amusement and color (not in the racist text) and i mean that in a good way! his opionions should be taken with a grain of salt. but like any other human being he is susceptible to fallings. i wish him well in over coming this!!... good piece 64!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

It was a pleasure to see his mug shot all over the news.