Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I Will Give Some 2009 Predictions A Shot

Welcoming 2009 over Sydney Harbour

First, let me wish all those who read this blog a very, very Happy New Year!

We survived a lot in 2008 and as it winds down here on the Left Coast, it is time for a little reflection and once again, I will peer into the dirty crystal ball and try my hand at a few predictions for 2009.

The American people did an amazing thing in voting for the first black man for the presidency.

No, President-elect Barack Obama was not my candidate, but he is my president. And I am glad to say that in this nation, people moved beyond race in this presidential election.

That does not mean I do not have worries or will give him a free pass. But, I will be very proud to see the peaceful transfer of power from President George W. Bush to President Barack Obama. Even in the midst of the Civil War, President Lincoln was elected to a second term. It proves that full, free elections can occur and when one side loses, they concede and help the winner take over.

The economic meltdown is astounding. But, once again, there are legitimate concerns as to how the government may or may not make it worse.

As this year draws to a close, Israel is poised to militarily enter the Hamas-dominated Gaza Strip to stop the rain of terror the Hamas government has done to Southern Israel. A lot of serious peril for the incoming Obama administration.

A lot took place in this ending year.

Last year, I tried my best to predict how events would turn out. Rather than rehash them, I will simply link to that post and one can laugh or cry or say, right on the money. One thing I can safely write is that I do not think Nostradamus has anything to worry about!

But, since it was so fun last year, I thought I would give it another shot this year. However, I will not break it down by categories. I will just spray the field, so to speak. Here we go.

  • President Obama will be dealing with a terrorist attack within the first six months of his term. The American people will rally around our president.

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers will open the piggyback and resign slugger Manny Ramirez. They will need to do so to have another shot at the playoffs. And, as an aside, when he was acquired by the Dodgers, he changed their whole attitude. Got to keep Manny here, Mr. McCourt.

  • Norm Coleman will pull out the smokin' hot senate election in Minnesota by 40 votes.

  • The Democrat-controlled senate will seat President Obama's appointed successor, Roland Burris. They are in a bad place and will need his probable reliable vote.

  • Card-check will not be passed in congress as Republican senators will block the controversial legislation.

  • Unemployment will reach eight percent by the end of 2009. Congress will have passed a $1,000,000,000,000 "stimulus" package.

  • Chrysler will be the first of the "Big Three" American auto makers to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. General Motors will follow. Ford will not have to file as they will be seen as the strongest of the Big Three.

  • California Governor Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger will raise a slew of taxes and it will still not stop the red ink. He will try to overturn Proposition 13, the property tax measure passed in 1978 that also forced a two-thirds vote of the legislature to raise taxes.

  • Congressional popularity ratings will not pass 25% in 2009.

  • Super Bowl 43: Pittsburgh Steelers from the AFC, Atlanta Falcons from the NFC. Final score: Pittsburgh 31-Atlanta 24.

  • NHL Stanley Cup finals: Montreal Canadiens over the Chicago Black Hawks, 4 games to 3.

  • NBA Finals: Los Angeles Lakers over the Boston Celtics, 4 games to 2.

  • World Series: Ahh, too early for this. See this in March!

Well, that is it on the prediction front for now. I would like you to share any that you may have. Once again, I wish all, even you Mr. Snarkle, a Happy, Healthy New Year and thanks again for stopping by Right View From The Left Coast!


a corgi said...

I enjoyed reading your predictions from last year; you got some right and some half right; neat that you were brave enough to commit to paper what your predictions were

interesting predictions for this year; Mr. Obama wasn't my choice either but like you, he is my president, and I will pray for him daily; our country needs him to be successful and be wise and I don't think he'll be either without the Lord intervening

my prediction - God is still in control, God is still on the throne, life is good because God is good all the time!

Happy New Year!


Incognito said...

Very interesting predictions... !! will be fun to see which come true.
Meantime, Happy New Year!!!
May 2009 bring you many blessings!

friedmsw said...

Enjoyed reading your post. Hey, you are picking the Falcons to go to the Super Bowl! WOW! I am impressed! However, I do have one...uh...little thing to add. Barak Obama is technically bi-racial. In my opinion, that does not negate the amazing thing that happened with his election. On the contrary, I think it makes his election even more amazing. I agree with you. Although I did not vote for him, he will be my president. That alone desevers my respect. Hope he does not turn his back on Israel though.

God is in control!! That does not mean that we just sit back and do nothing. Yet, God is in control!!

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Incognito said...

dang that Betty gets around.. she also goes as Ruth and several other names... loves to leave the same message on both my other blogs.. was flattered at first till I realized it's spam! Blech. I remove them when I get them, though I miss one every once in a while.

Pat Jenkins said...

yea you didn't do too bad on the predictions of 08 64. so their is hope for some of your 09 prognostications to be spot on!... except for the falcons making the stuper bowl... he he!!!.. happy new year!!