Monday, December 22, 2008

A New Way To Squeeze Blood From A Turnip

This is a really rich way for a state that is currently being run-or ruined-by liberal Democrats.
Take a whack at the judiciary to save money.
According to this article in the Los Angeles Times, New Hampshire courts are taking the drastic step of not holding jury trials.
Not holding jury trials? Why, you may ask?
Because after all, it costs money to seek jurors and to pay them the paltry sum of doing their civic duty.
Here in Los Angeles county, there is one day, one trial. What that means is that when one is called for jury duty, they appear at the said courthouse, wait to be potentially called in a jury pool and questioned and tough it out as to whether one is chosen as a juror or not. If one is not chosen, they can go on another panel. If still not chosen by the end of that day, the service is done. If chosen, said juror is not paid the rip-roaring sum of $15 a day for jury service. The juror is paid from the second day on to conclusion of the proceedings.
According to the article linked, the state of New Hampshire will save, drum roll please. . .$73,000 dollars!
Wow! Think of all that savings!
The real reason that this is nauseating is because this is a blatant attempt by the Democrat-dominated state government to sway public opinion.
They want to sway that opinion to institute either a hike in property taxes or a state income tax.
So, use a way that the public will be swayed to support such measures.
If people think that, somehow, potentially dangerous criminals may end up on the streets because of the fact that they are not given their constitutional right to a speedy trial why of course they will do anything to remedy that situation.
It is a tactic that usually has mixed results.
Here in California, Gov. Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger used a similar tactic in threatening to release thousands of incarcerated prisoners back on the streets. It was because, he claimed, there was not enough money to keep them locked up. Of course, because there was a public outcry and no support by the Democrat controlled state legislature, Gov. Benedict Arnold backed down.
It is what politicians on both sides do to try to get what they want. And it is being done in ways like this that is very bad.
This is a pittance that the state of New Hampshire will save. And do nothing but irritate an already irritated electorate.
A solution maybe to move the trials to North Dakota, a state that is governed by conservative Republicans and boasts a budget surplus.
But, back to reality.
This tactic is being done to create a crisis that is not there.
Paying people the small amount to do one of the very few things our government asks of us as citizens is not breaking the state and or county coffers. But, paying for entitlement programs or big, bloated bureaucracies are breaking all levels of government.
Which is why people need to demand that government promote reform, not a blindside to make people pay for more government.
But, just frighten the people into thinking deadly criminals will get out of jail is the latest way to go.
See how well that does.

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a corgi said...

I totally agree; I'm not sure how and when it can be fixed, but I have a big complaint about how long it takes to get something to come to trial here; seems if they could move that along a bit, money could potentially be saved along the way.....but that would mean people would have to actually admit they did something and own up to it rather than plead "not guilty" when all evidence points to them doing the crime.