Friday, December 26, 2008

These People Could Use Some Global Warming

Here is a little more on the globaloney warming front.
The good people of Duluth, Minnesota must think that they could use a little warmer temperatures since this is the earliest ice cover on Lake Superior in at least 17 years.
Get this. At some point, people will be able to drive between two islands because the ice will more than likely thicken up to do that. In recent years, people have had to take a ferry between Bayfield and Madeline Island all year long because there has not been a thick ice sheet to drive over in one's own car.
While much of the United States is cold and stormy, it is 52 degrees at 12:15 pm as I type this post, somehow I think most people will agree that if there is globaloney warming, how do they explain these type of events?

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friedmsw said...

They will probably say that the cows have stopped belching and breaking wind!