Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nice To See Hamas Hates Christians Too

UPDATED and BUMPED: Finally, the Drudge Report has reported this story. No red siren, but at least there is something on Drudge. Now, will the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media report on this? Stop holding your breath, folks!

For those who think that the current war between Israel, the Jewish state, and Hamas, the majority party in the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, is just a war between states and a little about religion, maybe this little ditty can make you think twice.
I guess as a Christian, I should be honored to stand with my Jewish brother and sisters.
But, what this should show those that think that we can sit down and talk to these people with rationality is that we can not.
When a government resorts to reintroducing crucifixion of Christians, it must be shunned if not defeated by any means possible.
Unfortunately, we are in transition in the United States from the Bush to the Obama administration. And one has to wonder if that is the rationale for all that is occurring.
I keep looking at the Drudge Report for the red siren, but alas it has not flashed.
Oh well, it is just crucifixion after all. I mean, it is not like Hamas has actually declared war on the West or anything like that.
This is part and parcel of the radical Islamists goal. To eventually drive Christians out of the Middle East.
Yet, for some inexplicable reason, Israel gets the blame.
You know, if there was no Israel, there would still be a move to rid the Islamic lands of the infidel Christians and Jews. It is just that the West is blind and has given up defending the Christian presence in the Middle East. Oh, BTW, it is the cradle of the Christian faith and it is older than Islam. But, that should not get in the way of driving the infidels.
Remember, our president-elect says that he will meet our enemies with out preconditions. Preparation, yes, preconditions, no.
How will President-elect Obama meet with people who would love to hang him, a professing but currently non-church attending Christian, to the nearest cross?
Hope and change, baby! Hope and change!


Read Ma Lips said...

i did not read the article.

but you got to know that moslim and jewish always liver together even they both kicked out togetter from spain as example, we all human hate and normal to hate or love as individual or groups, i got no proplem if you hate me or love me if you know how to treate me as a human.. thats the normal people.

open your eyes and see who is try to knock our heds each other.

real christian are not exest at this age (expt some imesh in usa maybe), real christian stingth is in his weakness do not use sward or vilance .. in other way real christian is extinct.

Mad Hatter said...

couldn't follow this post, no clear point

Righty64 said...

Sorry Mad Hatter. The point is that Christians are being persucuted as well as Israelis.That notthing will be done about it. That there is no way that President-elect Obama can or should dare to talk to these bloodthristy tyrants. I think I was doing this post while on my lunch hour. That will teach me not to do that!

Mad Hatter said...

Ok.... the comment was a lot better. Happy New Year, look forward to your writings in 2009

Pat Jenkins said...

i am voting present on the situation in the middle east 64. you may find me doing this quite a bit as president. just like i did in the senate.... yours truly barack obama!

Righty64 said...

Love your comment, Mr. Pat, er "President-elect" Obama!

Read Ma Lips said...

Sorry for my bad english, i will use points

1- Moslims and jewish real prothers but you people use jewish aginst us (as you use soni aginst shea in iraq for example) .

2- The real follower of jesus do not accept vilonce or war (unlike jewish and moslims).

3- Majority of Jewish revert to islam but do not (convert to christianity) why ? go read and you will surprised if you know that above 20% of gulf countries from jewish and about other 20% sons of ishmaeil and above 75% of pakistan afgan are originally jewish... but the west and even a lot of east media do not like to speek about that fact.

At last i hope you a happy new year and hope you to think again are you real christian or denied moslim ?

Abe Bird said...

Israel is one of the walls that hold the Islamic extreme forces - such as Al Qauida, Taliban and many other local groups - away from the US and the west. Islamic political Jihad sees its task to conquer and take control of the non-Islamic nations in order to Islamize them by force. The Hamas is a branch of the Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood, which is the main theological and ideological fraction in Islam.

The Hamas doesn't want peace in Israel but fighting her until destruction, and imposing Arab Islamic religious entity.
The west is still too sleepy and sloppy and doesn't really understand the threat.

The west should think how it doesn't lose control on events and process.