Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Latest From The Globaloney Warming Front

Last time we had one of these globaloney warming posts, I noted that the area around Duluth, Minnesota wished that they had a little global warming.
Now, the good people of interior Alaska, including the Fairbanks area, also share that wish.
These people will get some temperatures that could be -50 degrees below zero.
But of course according to the globaloney warming cultists, these temperatures are actually a result of global warming.
Folks, you just can not make this stuff up.
Yet, those who have blindly followed the globaloney warming cult do make stuff up. They can not explain that this has been one of the coldest years in recent memory.
What is needed is rationality, not emotionalism, in dealing with this issue. The cultists want to cut off debate because if there is debate, many people may look at some current facts and change their minds. At least try to go beyond the bromides of the cultists.
Can not wait for some more "explanations" on this.


a corgi said...

I'm sure they will come up with some explanation, creatively of course and then try to make it believable.....

having been in cold temps in Montana; I would have enjoyed global warming in Januarys; I totally understand the -50 degrees; although it never got that cold up there, we were bordering on -20 with wind chills making it -40

have a Happy New Year! I'm glad to hear that the weather will be nice for the Rose Parade! I bet that causes a lot of excitement in your neck of the woods

enjoy your day


DoorHold said...

I call "dibs" on blaming the economic downturn!

Less economic activity, fewer people driving to work, industries closing their doors, etc. VoilĂ ! Less CO2 emmissions! Colder temperatures! Bam!

Donald Douglas said...

Hope you're having a great New Year's Day!