Friday, December 05, 2008

Kathleen Parker Keeps Going On, And On, And On

This post by The Other McCain says a lot about the rantings of Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker as she continues to insult evangelical Christians with a feeble "apology" in her latest column. The Other McCain: Dear Kathleen Parker . . .#links
Want the money quote as to why Mrs. Parker is nothing more than a religious bigot? Here it is:

It is an indisputable fact that conservative Catholics are the solid backbone of the Christian pro-life movement. (If you doubt this, come to Washington, DC, for the annual March for Life next month, and witness the crowds of Catholic students packed into the trains at Union Station.) Conservative Catholics also are staunch opponents of same-sex marriage and embryonic stem-cell research, and are the leading activists on the kind of end-of-life issues dramatized by the Terry Schiavo case. And yet you, Ms. Parker, say not a word about Catholics.

Bada bing!!
Mr. McCain hits it right on the head about Mrs. Parker and all who seem to have it in for the "white" evangelicals.
One thing that I have not heard from people like Mrs. Parker is how did Proposition Eight in California, affirming marriage as between one man and one woman pass? Oh, not by "white" voters but by mostly black and Hispanic voters. And-horrors-most of those Hispanic voters are Roman Catholic. Where is the shame of that group?
Listen for the crickets.
I am certain that Mrs. Parker was bashing then Republican presidential candidate Gov. George W. Bush for daring to speak at evangelical Bob Jones University. BJU is known as anti-Catholic. And until recently anti-black. To their credit BJU realized that their anti-black attitudes were not Biblically based. But, BJU is a PROTESTANT, Christian university. And by nature, they have what can only be called an anti-Roman Catholic world view. There are different degrees to that and many Mainline Protestants are less anti-Roman
Catholic than in the past. But the bottom line is that BJU is what it is. Yet, then Gov. Bush was vilified for speaking there. And here is another money quote by Mr. McCain:

Because smearing Catholics still carries the taint of prejudice, whereas conservative Protestants are a favorite target of ridicule among the enlightened elite whose esteem you covet. And when you narrow it down by specifying that you mean white conservative Protestants, this allows you to disguise your appeal to bigotry as a call for diversity! (Neat trick, that.)

Here is the thing for Mrs. Parker.
If she wants to help the Republican party as she claims she wants to do, just get off this topic. Write about something you know something about. Oh, I guess that means you should take a vacation for a while to find something you can write about.

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