Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Please, Explain Global Warming To The Airline Travelers In Chicago

In this day before Christmas, most of the United States is deep in to winter.
Look at the travel delays at airports across the United States. Throw in the train, bus stations. And, if one is really daring, travelling on an interstate or state highway.
But, there are those in the Globaloney Warming death cult that will try to explain this.
Some have the nerve to actually suggest that cooling is a result of globaloney warming.
If nothing else, one has to get a chuckle of the title of this link over at American Thinker.
While you bundle up with your Snuggle blanket in the midst of this globaloney, remember, even the cold is a result of the warming that is all our fault.
And, here is my Christmas coal in your stocking!

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robert verdi said...

everyone knows warming caused the cold weather.