Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So, Will Sarah Get ANY Credit When Saxby Wins?

Here she is, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, in Georgia yesterday rallying the Republican base in getting out the vote in the senate run off between Republican senator Saxby Chambliss and Democrat challenger Jim Martin.

My question is this.

Will Gov. Palin get ANY credit when Sen. Chambliss wins reelection?

I think that I know the answer.

But, here are the facts.

Gov. Palin drew about 3,000 people at a rally in a senate runoff in the middle of the Christmas season. There are many who have been down to Georgia to help Sen. Chambliss win reelection, but none resonate as does Gov. Palin.

And, the timing of having her at the end of another endless campaign in brilliant.

But, do not expect that the DDBMSOWM will credit Gov. Palin with rallying the Republican base behind Sen. Chambliss. No, they will find a way to diminish her. But, Republicans and conservatives that are paying attention know that she is an asset, not a liability.

The real question should be where is President-elect Obama?


Rightwingsnarkle said...

You won't get any disagreement from me - Bible Spice can whip the wingnuts into a frenzy like no other.

We'll see if the scumbag who calls himself Saxby Chambliss pulls this one off. I would not be surprised if he did, cuz there's still some ignorant redneck influence that remains to be rung out of the state.

That said, I think Georgia's on the list to keep turning blue. The demographics favor it.

Think of a Saxby win as a kind of last gasp for wingnuts.

As for Obama not going down - his ground operation stayed intact for this race, and other staff flew down to supplement them in helping Jim Martin.

But I think the political risks were too high for Obama to put himself on the line for this special election (and specials are always quirky). In the event of a Saxby win, you wouldn't be able to contain yourself from crowing that Obama's got no coattails, etc.

That's just not worth it in the overall political calculus, even though Saxby isn't fit to pick the peanuts out of Jim Martin's bowel movements.

But Bible Spice? She had nothing to lose in going down there.

friedmsw said...

I figure that when Chambliss wins the election results will be contested. President-elect Obama would not want to be anywhere nearby when that happens.