Monday, December 22, 2008

More Disaster In Zimbabwe

The situation in Zimbabwe is nearing total colapse as those who are supposed to be guarding the bulging prison population are reduced to stealing their food just to survive.
As Martin Fletcher reports, a prison warden that makes 200,000,000 Zimbabwean dollars (less than $1) a month and had to stand in line over four hours a day to access a pittance of that income. And, the "value" of the Zimbabwean dollar decreases even as I write this. And, the same warden said that he had not eaten bread in over a year. And that he had five children to care for.
So, the warden and the prison guards have been reduced to stealing a kind of porridge just to stay alive. As more and more prisoners die. Oh, and the same warden said most were not prisoners at all but people just like himself-desperate to steal food just to stay alive.
A question. Where is President Bush on this? Most important, President-elect Obama? Where is the so-esteemed United Nations on this? Zimbabwe's very prosperous neighbor to the South, South Africa?
The silence among all of these groups is deafening.
I noted in an earlier post that Islamofasicist terrorists love these unstable lands. They can swoop in, promise the moon and stability-or in this case food-and desperate people will welcome them in. It has happened in Somalia. And of course in Afghanistan.
This Zimababwe dictator, Robert Mugabe, is literally killing his own people by "famine" and the West, the United Nations, et al, stand by and do nothing. Many a dictator have been removed for much, much less.
It is appalling that we watch a once great and prosperous nation sink into oblivion. A nation that was once called the breadbasket of Southern Africa not able to feed its own people. We need to do something and now. There are duly elected leaders ready to come in and begining reconciliation and an eventual reestablishment of law and order.
Until then, stories like this just become more and more commonplace.

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skeneogden said...

Expect nothing from the feckless United Nations whose track record in Africa is abominable.

Unless food and medicine can be distributed by aid agencies directly to the people it will end up in the hands of Mugabe loyalists.

When it comes to Africa the West is all talk and no action. It seems the responsibility for Africa's problems lie mainly with the old European colonial powers whose rapacious policies set up most of the suffering we see today under dictatorial African thug governments. Europe should take responsibility for this problem and shoulder the burdens necessary to alleviate the Zimbabweans suffering.