Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Chambliss Wins-No Magic 60 For Senate Dems

Tonight, Georgia voters stopped the Democrats from getting their magical 60 seats in the senate by reelecting Sen. Saxby Chambliss by a large margin after he was forced into a runoff due to not reaching 50% plus one. That is a Georgia quirk.
But, it will prevent the Democrats from attaining the 60 needed to shut off debate and a filibuster proof majority that could have rammed any piece of legislation that they wanted to.
Most important, look for no help from the senate Dems in the Minnesota race still undecided between Republican incumbent Norm Coleman and Democrat "comedian" Al Franken. They do not need him as much now that Sen. Chambliss won reelection.
And, will anyone note that Gov. Sarah Palin went all out to get Sen. Chambliss reelected?


Rightwingsnarkle said...

it will prevent the Democrats from attaining the 60 needed to shut off debate

That's not how it works, dude. 60 Democratic Senators don't vote in lockstep. Repubs are more sheeplike that way.

If Elaine Cho's husband decides to be an obstructionist, and 60 votes are required for cloture and action, the Democratic majority will certainly need to recruit some repubs, and will likely lose a Dem or two, depending on the issue.

You should look up the roll calls for cloture votes in the session just ending - they've included a bipartisan mix much more often than not. You really should research what you write about, though I also know that understanding as a prerequisite just ain't the wingnut way.

There are gonna be more repub Senators up for re-election in 2010, so they'll be sensitive to their votes on particular issues. Expect them to cross the aisle when they know people are watching. That's how you get to 60 votes on cloture.

Judd Gregg (NH) is one such vulnerable repub, and it also looks like Arlen Spector's gonna get a primary challenge from the same wingnut who came close in 2004.

If the wingnut beats Arlen (I hope so, because Spector is a piece of trash second only to Joe Lieberman), then the wingnut will get crushed in the general, and PA will have two Democratic Senators.

And now Mel Martinez has chickened out of running for a second term, so you can kiss that seat goodbye.

The wingnuts are being pushed to the fringes, where they belong. Consider Saxby a last gasp. Enjoy the remaining oxygen available to you.

Kisses, RWSn

Pat Jenkins said...

i may be with snarkle on this one. a small victory, but a victory none the less.... what is up with jersey gate in l.a.? is anybody gonna be left with timeouts once the game starts?... i hope your weekend in palm springs went well!!

friedmsw said...

Liberals are always taking the fun out of everything!!

Rightwingsnarkle said...

There's some excellent reality-based analysis of this issue here.