Saturday, December 13, 2008

From Five Years Ago Today

It was five years ago today that coalition forces in Iraq captured the Thug of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein from nothing but a spider hole near his home town.
It was a great day for freedom and the end result was a trial and rightful execution by an elected civilian government that he so long denied his own people.
Remember this today and as long as you can for this was reason enough for the United States and allies to liberate Iraq and free the people from this cowardly butcher, Saddam Hussein.


Mad Hatter said...

This country suffers from memory lost. we live in the 'now' look at the other blogs and their concerned about, how to get the correct steps to Beyonce video, or what dress Opera will wear to the party. By June 09, all this will be forgotten, just like Saddams capture. This is America, thanks for that flash back.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

One down, forty-seven to go.

Do you want to volunteer for the next one?