Monday, December 22, 2008

The Conservative Of 2008. . .Sarah Palin, Of Course!

Well, it is official as Alaska governor Sarah Palin is the conservative of 2008 according to Human Events.
It is not a surprise as Gov. Palin is the one that took the ill-fated Sen. John "F--- You" McCain's presidential bid off of life support and energized a dejected Republican base.
But, it a bridge too far for many a conservative to have to vote for Sen. "F--- You" McCain even with Gov. Palin as the vice-presidential candidate.
Without a doubt, if Gov. Palin steers clear of the inside-the-beltway types that will try to remake her into something that she is not, she will be the conservative force for the GOP presidential nod.


robert verdi said...

I think she can win the whole show as a matter of fact.

skeneogden said...

Palin is the reason why, for the first time, I contributed money to a political campaign.

Although still a little wet behind the ears her career so far is heartening to those who share her conservative values and fiscal prudence.

I believe that politicians like Sarah and Bobby Jindahl will be what is needed to revive the conservative movement.

Pat Jenkins said...

one thing, or person in teh middle age period for conservativsim that has emerged 64... thankfully!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

She showed enormous strength, grace and class under ridiculously huge pressure. She'll come back bigger and better if the GOP will figure out how to treat her with the respect she deserves.

Freadom said...

Yes. Good pick.