Monday, December 31, 2007

HAPPY 2008 And Some Predictions To Go With That Toast

Since everyone else thinks that they are seers into the future and it is the last day of 2007, I will take a stab at some predictions for 2008.

Of course this is all done with a wee bit of just guessing and a little silliness. You will have to figure out what is serious and is my just being silly.

So, here are some fearless predictions for 2008 in categories no less!


1) Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for president.

2) Barack Obama will be the Democrat nominee for president.

3) Mike Bloomberg, so-called independent mayor of New York City will run for president as an independent. He will ask soon to be former Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to be his veep and Sen. Hagel will say aye.

4) Mitt Romney will as former senator and current Republican opponent Fred Thompson to be his vice-president and Mr. Thompson will accept.

5) Barack Obama will graciously ask Sen. Hilary Clinton to be his vice-president and she will say no. In a daring move to try to win some southern states, Sen. Obama will ask Arkansas Democrat Sen. Blanche Lincoln to be his veep. It will be seen as a not-so-subtle slap at Sen. Clinton. Sen. Lincoln will accept.

6) Because Mr. Bloomberg is a liberal, he will take away crucial votes from Sen. Obama.

7) California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will endorse Mayor Bloomberg for president.

8) Mitt Romney will be elected the 44th president of the United States. Mr. Romney will keep the core of red states and possibly take three marginally blue states due to the Bloomberg candidacy.

9) Mr. Bloomberg will not win one state. He will be the liberal Ross Perot.

10) President-elect Romney will make a very serious attempt to include Democrats in his transition team and the cabinet.


1) The situation in Pakistan will get worse and the January parliamentary elections will be postponed until February at the earliest.

2) The situation in Iraq will continue to improve but with some hiccups. There will be more political accommodation between the factions and the will be a 25,000 troop reduction by the end of 2008.

3) There will be a serious terrorist attack on the United States just before the presidential election. It will be spectacular and some of it will be stopped, but enough will happen that will be very serious.

4) Osama bin-Laden and none of his cronies will be captured in 2008.


1) The Green Bay Packers will meet the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42 and the Packers will win.

2) The Boston Celtics will play the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals and win the NBA championship, 4 games to 2.

3) The Detroit Red Wings will play the Ottawa Senators in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and Ottawa will win the cup, 4 games to 3. Sorry Anaheim Ducks fans!

4) The Los Angeles Dodgers will be in the World Series in 2008. Not sure who they will play. And even less certain is that they will win the World Series. But, it will have been 20 years since the Dodgers last won the World Series defeating the Oakland A's. Hope springs eternal.

5) There will be a winner of horse racing's triple crown (The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes and The Belmont Stakes).


1) Britney Spears will end up in jail due to a DUI charge and for good measure child endangerment. Lil sis, Jamie Lynn Spears will have a miscarriage.

2) Three strikes and yer out and that will be the fate of Lindsey Lowlife, er Lohan. She will end up with her friend, Britney, in the slammer.

3) An anti-war movie will be nominated and win the Academy Award. Do not know which one. American Gangster and or 3:10 To Yuma should be nominated, but neither one will be.

4) There will be many more celebrities that come out of the closet and announce their homosexuality. They will do so to oppose Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney because of his support for a federal law banning same-sex marriage.

5) Congress will get involved and try to pass legislation against the paparazzi. It will not get far and cement this congress as a "do-nothing" congress.

6) More big names will get caught on video and or audio tape saying awful things and "rehabs" will be working overtime.


1) Despite predictions of an abnormally high hurricane season, there will be less hurricanes than in 2007.

2) The drought gripping Atlanta and much of Georgia will end in 2008.

3) It will be colder than normal in the west, warmer than normal in the east. The Midwest and the plains will be colder.

4) More and more scientists will come out to debunk "global warming".

5) California will have a normal rainfall this season.

Well, those are my predictions. You will have to guess as to which ones are serious predictions and which ones are in jest. Please offer some of your own. And, most of all, have a safe and sane and a

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Pat Jenkins said...

you have covered all 64.... well done.... you better let go of the dodger blue... green bay vs. the pats?... i say romney has a easier time winning the nominee vs hillary than obama. will have more conservative support that way... tom hanks' movie for the oscar nod?