Wednesday, December 12, 2007

GOP Keeps Two Congressional Seats

Believe it or not, yesterday were two special elections for congressional seats in Ohio and Virginia. Since they were both Republican seats and the Republicans kept the seats, the DDBMSM decided to bury the story.
The two elections were to replace congressmen who died in office. The Ohio election was to replace Paul Gilmour and the race in Virginia was to replace Jo Ann Davis.
In Ohio, Bob Latta defeated the Democrat challenger, Robin Weirrauch, 57% to 43% It is a reliable Republican district that has not sent a Democrat to congress since the 1930s. Mr. Latta's father, Delbert Latta, held the same seat for over 30 years. The Democrats made the Republicans spend a little money but it was money well spent.
In Virginia, it was not even close as Republican Rob Whitman defeated Democrat Iraq war veteran Phil Forgit, 61% to 37% http://pilotonline.,com.
The key to these victories were two fundamentals. Taxes and illegal immigration.
The DDBMSM does not want to report the fact that two Republican candidates ran for congress and said they would not back tax hikes and were for enforcement of United States borders. But, that is what Messrs Latta and Whitman did and they won.
These will be the top domestic issues of the election in 2008.
The DDBMSM is now pushing the economy and health care, which by sheer coincidence I am sure, are the leading Democrat domestic talking points. And yes, some Republicans don't want to talk about taxes and illegal immigration.
But, the American people do and are going to tire really fast about the Republican holy war between The Rev. Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. For the record, it is the Rev. Mike that keeps this going, not Mr. Romney.
And, since the Democrats could not take either of these seats, this does not bode well for them.
The latest Gallup poll shows that while President Bush's ratings are up to 37%, congressional ratings are at 22%. And, who is in control of both houses of congress? Why, it is the Democrats.
The DDBMSM has been trying to lay the seeds for a Democrat juggernaut in 2008, with Sen. Hilary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama winning the White House and the Democrat control of congress expanding.
But, if yesterday's results are any indication, the Democrats better be prepared to possibly lose control of one or both houses of congress and not retake the White House.
A lot can happen in 11 months.

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Richard J said...

It always makes me laugh. Republicans keep 2 seats in the House, and it's barely a story. I guarantee that if Democrats had taken those 2 seats, it would have been all over the news for days.

Another example of the media showing their hallowed objectivity...