Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Re: Iowa-January 3, 2008 Can Not Come Soon Enough!

Today, another droning Republican debate was held in Des Moines, Iowa and sponsored by the Des Moines Register.
In and of itself, this should have been a smack-down, but it was not and there are reasons for that.
Firstly, why in the name of God Almighty would the Des Moines Register invite the latest incarnation of Harold Stassen, Alan Keyes, to this debate? Is it not enough that there is the Holy War between Southern Baptist Mike Huckabee and Mormon Mitt Romney? What, we needed the fringe Roman Catholic to mix it up a bit?
And the "moderator", Des Moines Register editor Carolyn Washburn, who is this lady? And why, once again, do these "moderators" think that asking moronic questions? Like her asking all the candidates if they thought global warming was a man-made problem, to please raise their hands. Well, former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson finally had enough and said that he was not doing any hand shows today. Can I hear an amen, brother?! And, Mr. Thompson asked for time to actually answer the question and the "moderator" said no. Come on, we do not want to actually hear what the candidates have to say about the issue of global warming, just if they buy that man is primarily responsible for it.
But, of course there is always the Rev. Mike Huckabee to create another slam at the Mormons. It was revealed that in the New York Times Sunday Magazine to be published this weekend, Rev. Mike asks the reporter this gem, "Is it true that Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers?" OH BOY! This from the man who prides himself on being the only candidate with a theological degree. Where did the Rev. Mike get that degree, from a correspondence course?
Funny, there were no questions on illegal immigration, the issue that REPUBLICAN voters actually care about. Why would "moderator" Washburn ask questions on that subject?
From my observations, Mitt Romney came away a winner. He looked and acted presidential and was able to engage the candidates, especially Mr. Thompson with good-natured humor. Fred Thompson finally showed up and also looked very good and gave good answers. Mr. Thompson has got to be on Mr. Romney's short list for vice-president. The Rev. Mike somehow thinks that it is the federal governments role to fund music appreciation programs in the schools. Small ideas equal small candidate. The others, including Rudy Giuliani and John "F--- You" McCain were left in the dust. And, of course there is Harold, er Alan Keyes. Nothing like putting the wind in a bag and watching Mr. Keyes exhale.
Thankfully, we only have 22 more days of this insanity, and with the Christmas and New Years holidays coming up, even less time before the voters of Iowa put us out of our misery. Until New Hampshire!


Pat Jenkins said...

it is becoming more and more evident when the rev. mike, as you call him, opens his yap he is the least man qualified for the presidency. i find myself working as hard to keep him out of there as i am hillary... side note.. i like allen. i have missed him this campaign.... oh well!!!

Righty64 said...

Ah, me too! It shows that in the YouBoob, er, YouTube culture, one stupid comment cost Mr. Allen not only his senate seat but a chance to be the front runner for the GOP nomination for the presidency. And, what is amazing is all of the crazy things the Rev. Mike says and somehow, his poll numbers go up. Please, explain that to me?!

Richard J said...

Who woke up Fred Thompson? Glad he could finally make it to the campaign.

The more I see of the good reverend, the less I like him. I have a feeling that he'll run out of steam pretty quickly.

Has anyone put in a missing person's report on Rudy's campaign? I think I saw him on a milk carton yesterday.

I know why Alan Keyes is in the race! They needed one more guy to complete the "fringes of Christianity" section of the campaign...