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NBC Loves The Troops. . .NOT!

Ahh, that paragon of objectivity, the National Broadcasting Corporation or as it is commonly known as the last-place television network, NBC, will not allow Freedom's Watch to put on a commercial supporting the troops this Christmas season.
One has to ask why? What gives? You mean a television network, a part of the public trust as our friends on the left like to say, will turn down an ad to support and say thank you to the men and women in uniform serving all around the world?
Start with the why.
According to Alan Wurtzel, the network's head of standards and practices the network had to reject the commercial because Freedom's Watch wanted to put put their website address in the bottom of the commercial. So what? Is that not what every commercial does now a days? The reason becomes clear. Because if the network allowed the url to be shown, viewers would have gone to the Freedom's Watch website and found out that-please friends, take a deep breath, Freedom's Watch is a conservative organization and worse, worse, they say the following:
For too long, conservatives have lacked a permanent political presence to do battle with the radical special interest groups and their left-wing allies in government.
on their website. And they also have links to other websites that do raise funds and items to send to the troops.
But, dammit, this group is conservative and they have the nerve to say so.
So, Mr. Wurtzel went into overdrive explaining that it is a decades-old policy that the network does not accept advertising on controversial issues. One would not think that a thank you to the troops would be controversial. But, Mr. Wurtzel went on to say the commercial itself was not the issue, but that pesky website address was. Why, if they just took that out of the commercial, there would be no problem.
But, that is the problem.
And, there is no question that NBC is engaging in censorship.
So what if Freedom's Watch is a conservative group? Are adults not able to make up their own minds? And so if one goes to the main website to find another to show some kind of support for our troops? Are they really going to be scarred for life?
No, not at all.
I mean, if you watch NBC with any regularity, you know they have a public service announcement called "The More You Know" which is a front for pushing a lot of left-wing items. It is like the feminists, gay-rights, name the lefty group, gets one of the network stars to promote the cause celebre for that PSA. There is never one that promotes oh, maybe attending a house of worship or keeping families together, you get the idea.
But, this Mr. Wurtzel may have left the cat out of the bag.
In true Keith Olberman conspiratorial fashion, Mr. Wurtzel said that Freedom's Watch intentionally did not drop the NBC request for Freedom's Watch to drop their website address so that the network would not accept the commercial and thus the organization would get a lot of free publicity.
No, conservatives do not play the victim game. Nor do conservative organizations.
The commercial is legitimate, NBC's objection is not.
While NBC has no problem contributing to the Pornification of America as Laura Ingraham refers to it, accepting an advertisement supporting the men and women serving in the armed forces, with one website address because it is a conservative political group and one would think it is the end of civilization in the rarefied world of NBC.
Freedom's Watch could have done some George Soros shell game and hidden itself, but it did not and does not and is not trying to draw attention to itself to push its agenda. What this exposes is the fact that NBC made a calculated decision and admitted that it may have been all cooked up to draw attention to the events.
Is it any wonder why NBC is in the tank in television network ratings?
When they have a Keith Olberman reaction because the organization has been caught, it shows that they are trying to push their agenda and that is the issue.
NBC should give Freedom's Watch free time in prime time and put the issue to rest. But that would be easy. And, NBC could not play the left's favorite game-victim.

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