Saturday, December 15, 2007

Notes On The Presidential Campaign, Republican Version

In the last 24 hours, I have some to several conclusions about how the Republican campaign for president is going to pan out or at least how it will end up before the much anticipated Super Duper Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Boldly, I will write that former Arkansas governor, the Rev. Mike Huckabee will NOT be the Republican nominee for president in 2008. And, he will never be considered for vice-president by any of the serious contenders. Most of why has been done by the Rev. Mike himself. Now, tomorrow I will read the Rev. Mike's interview in the New York Times magazine. Yes, I get the Sunday New York Times but it is all I can stomach! Anyway, the problem is that because the fact that Rev. Mike played dumb and asked the question and Mormon belief that Jesus Christ and Satan were brothers, people will read the interview hoping for other gems from the Rev. Mike. Maybe the rest of the interview will be dull and that was all that was there. We will know for sure tomorrow.
The downhill spiral began when the Rev. Mike aired television and online advertisements touting himself as a "Christian" leader. Now, anyone who reads this blog knows that I am a devout Christian and want to see people of good faith and morals serving the public. Yes, it would be wonderful if they were all Christians and Jesus Christ was president. But, the wisdom of Almighty God is that in this land, people of many faiths live side by side. Thus, we should elect people true to their faith and beliefs and yes, that will be part of that person's being. Hence, Sen Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn) would fit that model as an observant, Orthodox Jew. But, there is no quicker turnoff to the majority of people, Christian or not, than saying "I am a Christian leader."
And of course, the DDBMSM reminded us that the Rev. Mike was one of only three Republican candidates that said they do not believe in the theory of evolution. More DDBMSM cannon fodder.
And , the same DDBMSM is all over the Rev. Mike like bees to honey. So, we have to depend on Matt Drudge to get some Democrats to admit they are building up the Rev. Mike because he was seen as easy road kill. Funny how the elites like to use such down home terms when referring to some one like the Rev. Mike.
Another bad sign is that former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani seems to be "Where's Waldo?" as he seems to have been put down by the Rev. Mike's guerrilla forces. Suddenly, the snowbirds in Florida are for the Rev. Mike and Brother Mitt as the latest Rassmussen Reports poll shows. Mr. Giuliani is faltering in Michigan and has no hope in Iowa and New Hampshire. Throw in South Carolina and it will not matter for Mr. Giuliani what happens on Super Duper Tuesday. He will have already been thrown under the bus by the voters. Take that, Mr. Frontrunner!
The problem with Mr. Giuliani is that he has followed the front runner strategy. Playing it safe and hoping that other candidates implode or fall under their own weight or other candidates just fade away. But wait! The Rev. Mike on the Christian flank and Brother Mitt on the Mormon side. Throw in war hero John "F--- You" McCain and Hollywood hero Fred Thompson and suddenly, voila! It turns out that Mr. Giuliani is the one falling under his own weight and maybe even imploding. Mr. Giuliani needs to get some New York fight in him or this whole approach ends his serious candidacy before Super Duper Tuesday.
Speaking of a couple of also-rans, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain seems to be picking up some stream at least in the friendly confines of New Hampshire. It is where he scored the impressive 2000 victory over then Gov. George W. Bush. Too bad that was at the hands of crossover Democrat and independent voters and few Republicans. And, as noted by Hugh Hewitt, that maybe the case here. But, at least Sen. "F-- You" McCain is fighting the good fight and standing by President Bush concerning the surge in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Islamofacsist Terror. And, while he continues to argue foolishly against waterborading and other enhanced interrogation techniques, he believes in the War Against Islamofacsist Terror, something the Rev. Mike does not have a clue about. Either Sen. "F--- You" McCain or congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Cal) will make a great Defense Secretary in the next Republican administration.
Former Sen. Fred Thompson finally came out of the cave of hibernation to roar in that debate debacle last Wednesday that he was not going to play the hand game regarding global warming debate. Mr. Thompson wanted to actually talk about it. Good for him! Mr. Thompson at least talks about conservative issues and does have some ideas, but there is no more proof that he got into this race too late that his refusal to raise his hand got him the headline in the last debate. But, because he is trying to put forth conservative ideas, he may just earn the vice-presidential spot on the ticket.
And, you thought I was going to forget about Brother Mitt Romney, the real frontrunner and the one who has the ideas, means and ability to see this all the way through. Tomorrow, barring a moronic line of questioning by Tim Russert, Mr. Romney will appear on Meet The Press on NBC. He will show why at the end, most Republicans will pull the lever, punch the hole or press the electronic keypad for him. And, why that is will all lead back to his religious liberty speech at the George H. W. Bush Presidential library in Texas. Mr. Romney was the antidote to the fire and brimstone of the Rev. Mike and laid out the kind of president we will have with Mitt Romney.
Some other points to make about Mr. Romney.
If Sen. Hilary Clinton is the nominee of the Democrat party, Mr. Romney has already ran and beat out a woman when he became governor of Massachusetts in 2002.
The ideas are that he already left as governor of Massachusetts with a health care plan in place. That is a very large domestic issue to many Americans. Mr. Romney can say that he looked at the issue and sought a solution with a beyond overwhelming democrat legislature. Take that, Mrs. Clinton!
Mr. Romney knows that the real battle of the 21st century is with radical Islam, not fellow believers in the United States. He calls them what they are, radical jihadists and has not backed down. Mr. Romney has the temperament and knowledge of the threat to take it head on.
The means is that Mr. Romney has the money all by himself to take on whoever the Democrats throw at us. People may criticize that fact, but if we are believe that people are not giving money to Republicans as they are to Democrats, then this does become an easily solved problem.
Boy, is it not going to be fun from here to the convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota?!


The Rascal said...

Among the many grammar errors in this post is your reference to the "Democrat Party." There is no such thing. The real name is the "Democratic Party." Why do all you right-wing pinheads insist on using "Democrat" as an adjective. It's a noun, and ONLY a noun. You silly Publicans.

Righty64 said...

Well Rascal, at least you are reading this blog and thank you! And to show that I am fair and balanced, I will critique the Democrats, plural, race for the White House probably later today or tomorrow.