Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lawrence O'Donnell Is A Disgusting Human Being And A Lousy Roman Catholic

This past weekend, political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell went on an absolute insane rant against the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons. The reason is because he thought that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in his speech last Thursday should have addressed Mormon doctrinal issues, and Mr. Romney did not.
In the rant, Mr. O'Donnell said that church founder Joseph Smith was a racist, a criminal and a rapist. The racist issue is the only one worth commenting because until 1978, blacks were not in the Mormon priesthood, which is all male. Since then, the LDS have thrived with blacks and are strongly evangelizing in Africa as well as South America.
Because Mr. Romney said that he would not reject the "Faith of My Fathers", Mr. O'Donnell did not like that because of some of the bad aspects of Mormonism.
He cited the church and polygamy saying that the only reason the church gave up the practise of multiple wives was so Utah could become a state in 1890. Never mind that Mormons had settled Utah in 1850 and practiced polygamy for 40 years before there was a revelation that the practice should end.
Be it for me to determine whether or not those are truly divine revelations or just convenience. I will let almighty God be the judge of that one.
But, back to Mr. O'Donnell.
Yesterday, Hugh Hewitt http://hughhewitt.com talked to Mr. O'Donnell and asked him serious questions about his Roman Catholic faith.
Mr. O'Donnell told Mr. Hewitt that he was baptised a Roman Catholic in his first week of life.
Something annoying about many of the Roman Catholics I encounter. Most say they are Catholic, and if saying they are Christian it is as an afterthought. Mr. O'Donnell does not realize that when one is baptised, it is to become a Christian, not a Catholic, a Lutheran, an Episcopalian or any other denomination. It is to become a Christian.
Mr. Hewitt went on to ask Mr. O'Donnell if he was still a practising Roman Catholic. Then Mr. O'Donnell went into a quite honestly dumb answer saying that people have a very elastic relationship with and cited with bizarre pride numerous political liberals such as Sens. Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and even throwing in Rudy Giuliani who are all divorced and still say they are Roman Catholics. However, if they take Holy Communion have divorced people, they are committing a sin in Roman Catholic teaching.
But, it just gets better.
When Mr. Hewitt asked Mr. O'Donnell if he attended the Mass, Mr. O'Donnell got out the rubber band again and went on the "elastic" point again. Eventually, Mr. O'Donnell conceded that he went to the Mass occasionally. Yes, I bet for Christmas and Easter. Again, according to Roman Catholic teaching, one must attend the Mass weekly to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
When Mr. Hewitt asked whether Mr. O'Donnell was a misogynist, Mr. O'Donnell had to work the wheels to answer what Mr. Hewitt was leading to. If it is wrong for women to not be ordained in the Roman Catholic priesthood. At least Mr. O'Donnell thinks it is wrong, but cited that it is not in the church's interest because they are having trouble funding single men with no dependents in the priesthood. Huh? What a load of poo-poo!
There is so much more, and I really think you need to go to Hugh's website and if nothing else read the transcript of the interview. It is mind blowing.
Mr. O'Donnell tried to say that being a Roman Catholic is a hard definition. That is because Mr. O'Donnell keeps playing with rubber bands, you know, for that elasticity. I think being a Roman Catholic is something I will leave to an RC to define better than I, a Protestant.
Mr. O'Donnell said that whenever Mormons find a change in their doctrine, it is for political reasons and because it is a political religion.
The most instructive aspect of Mr. Hewitt's interview is when he point blank asks Mr. O'Donnell if he would say all the same things he said about the Mormon faith about Islam. Mr. O'Donnell showed what kind of "man" he is because he said the following.
Oh, well, I'm afraid of what the...that's where I'm really afraid. I would like to criticize Islam much more than I do publicly, but I'm afraid for my life if I do. Mormons are the nicest people in the world. They're not going to ever take a shot at me. Those other people, I'm not going to say a word about them.
What I take from this abhorrent semi-Roman Catholic is this. He really hates Mitt Romney and uses his religion against him. It is so much easier to slam the faith than the man. And, he is a sissy. I on this blog constantly criticize radical Islam and want to defeat them in the theatre of ideas and in the battlefield of war. Mr. O'Donnell has to admit that Mormons are nice people. No Mormon is going to take him out. But say one thing about the evils, and I mean evils, of radical Islam, the way mainstream Islam treats women, children and even animals, and whoops, I've got to hold back because they might come after me.
Mr. O'Donnell, be a man and apologize to Mr. Romney for your hatred and stand up to the Islamofascists and call them what they are, evil.


Pat Jenkins said...

first off a lib talking religion is an ironic treat... second who is he... physician heal thyself before you cure the world huh!!!!

Pat Jenkins said...

i hope to clarify my comment 64. i know WHO he is. but my who is in reference of his judgemental aptitude...

Righty64 said...

You know, it is what the left does. You know, call out conservatives for being "judgemental" and yet whenever I engage a lefty in conversation, the judgementalism and pride just oozes. The problem is that they are so superior to you and I that they just do not realize how full of hate, judgement and pride they are full of. I recommend that all leftys, and even us conservatives, read "Mere Christianity" by C. S. Lewis. The chapter on pride hits it right on the head. Hmm, maybe I should send a copy to Mr. O'Donnell