Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hope All Had A Great Christmas

Now that the day is done, I hope that everyone had a great Christmas.
Christmas, for me, is a time to really ponder why we are here and that God gave us his only son to eventually die for us to redeem us. It is an amazing act that He did in giving us the gift of Jesus Christ.
But, like everyone else this time of year, it is often hard to keep that focus. You know, chasing around town for that last minute "perfect" gift. For once, this year I was all done with time to spare. Thus, I was able to enjoy watching the last minute crazy people from a distance. Usually, I am one of them.
Then there are the parties. You know, work, friends, church. They are usually well meaning events, but they tend to often add stress to an already stressful time of year.
The key to it all being a success is to think and be like a kid. Really. It is all about the excitement and anticipation. As we get older, it is having the joy of my wife or son get really excited over that special gift. Or, your humble blogger putting on a silly, singing elf hat that has a ball that gyrates with Burl Ives singing "Have a holly, jolly Christmas". I mean, it is the only time of year we all get to be a kid again.
It is a very special time of year.
But, before we can blink an eye, it is going to be the new year.
For me, the political junkie, it will be time to pick the presidential candidates of the major political parties, and hopefully elect a Republican successor to President Bush. Regular readers know I am for that being Mitt Romney.
But, most important, is to keep that Christmas spirit near and dear to our hearts as long as we can. It is after all the memories that make each Christmas special in its own way.

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