Thursday, December 06, 2007

So, Where Is The Democrat, Gay Left Outrage?

Few will know of this sordid tale because the Idaho Statesman, or any other newspaper seems to care because a gay Democrat aide to a United States senator was busted trying to arrange for sex between he and a 13 year old boy. Oh, and for good measure, he wanted to include another male in this innocent romp.
James "Mike" Mc Haney was the scheduler for Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash) until he was busted for attempting to sexually exploit a minor.
Now, I do not bring this up to go on some kind of gay-bashing. No, quite the opposite.
What I want to know is why is this not front page news? Why are the gay rights defenders being silent about this? Is this not a case of an abuse of power?
First, it is not front page news because the DDBMSM does not want it to be. It is much more important to out a closet case, in their mind, like Larry Craig than to report on a potentially dangerous child molester. The fact that Mr. Mc Haney is gay and hoped to have a three-way with a 13 year-old boy is irrelevant. That Mr. Mc Haney was going after a child is the relevance. If Larry Craig's bathroom experience is not his first time seeking sex with another man, then this could not the first time Mike Mc Haney was trying to pick up a young boy. More than likely, he may have succeeded at one or more times.
Why is the gay left silent? Well, for one, Mr Mc Haney worked for the radical Human Rights Campaign group. Mr. Mc Haney is one of their own. And, admitting that a gay man would even think of molesting a young boy would play right into the hands of those that are anti-gay and think all gay men go after young boys. Hey, a pervert is a pervert. When an adult seeks to have sexual relations with a child, it is sick whether it is opposite or same sex. Period. But, again, like a battered wife, the gay left has to stay silent. The cause of equality is much more important than turning in one of their own for doing what still is a very unspeakable crime.
And, yes, whenever an adult is dealing with a child, or in this case trying to molest a child, it is the greatest abuse of power known. That Mr. Mc Haney would prey on an unsuspecting young boy is abusing adult responsibility.
So, say this along with me:
A pervert is a pervert. We do not care if they are heterosexual or homosexual. Whenever an adult seeks to have sex with a child, it is wrong. No one or group should cover or stay silent.
This is another case in which the left thinks that the issue, in this case gay rights, is more important than righting a wrong. No one should be protecting Mr. Mc Haney if he is a child molester. So what, those that think that gay men are more predisposed to this "lifestyle" are going to think it anyway. But those that may be able to change their views about homosexuals and or homosexuality are going to think that those who believe this is a predisposition may be right.
The Democrat, gay left needs to wake up and get rid of their trash and let the chips fall where they may. If not, protecting child molesters like James Mc Haney is going to be the least of their problems.

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