Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Best Time Of The Year

Ah, spring. The flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, unless you are in Southern California as I am and it is already fire season, and it is time for...BASEBALL!
Yes, baseball, the American sport. Some call it a pastime, others, as myself, call it a passion.
I must confess. Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast does not get it. We will go to a couple a games during the long, glorious season, but I think she really goes for the food. But, no hot dogs, or Dodger Dogs for her. So un-American!
But, anyway, how can one not get excited about this time of year. I mean, the hockey playoffs begin soon, and every one of the 30 major league baseball teams think that they have a real shot at making and winning the World Series. In a month though, reality will set in and some teams will realize that it is but a dream. Some, like last years Detroit Tigers can ride it all the way to the big dance. But, then a team like the St. Louis Cardinals will peak at the right time and end the dream of a team like the Detroit Tigers. But, at this point, hope springs eternal for all.
If you do not know, I am a die-hard Los Angeles Dodger fan. Got that from my old man, who grew up in Brooklyn. When he passed on in 1986,we found out that he was born in...THE BRONX! Enemy country! Home of the hated this day and all days, the New York Yankees! EECCKK! Unfortunately, I can not pass that love and passion on to my stepson as he is not even a sports fan.
But, as I do every year, I really believe that this is the year that the Dodgers will get back to where they belong, in the World Series. I don't care who they play, but it would be nice to vanquish the hated Yankees. It would also be nice to have a Freeway Series with the Anaheim Angels that counts and is not played in the exhibition and regular season.
Oh, I know, everyone else says that the Angels are the, so hard to even type this, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. But, I will NEVER refer to them as such. They left Los Angeles in 1966 and became the California Angels and later the Anaheim Angels. As such, they are always refered on this blog as the ANAHEIM Angels!
I also like the Angels as well, but there is just something about being a Dodger fan that is so different. Maybe it is because they are in the National League. After all, the National league is the original major league. Maybe it is because when they were in Brooklyn, they were always playing the Yankees in the World Series and until 1955, always losing. Maybe it is a lot of reasons, but the Dodgers are my number one team and the Angels second.
But you see, that is why it is the best time of the year. Now everyone starts off even and it is the beginning of six months of living and dying by what your favorite team or teams do.
This is the best time of the year!

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