Saturday, March 24, 2007

More On The "Death Of Conservatism"

There is an excellent article in the Weekly Standard by Noemie Emery on the latest Time magazine folly into describing the so-called death of conservatism.
Remember that cover with former President Reagan on the cover, tear streaming down his right cheek? The caption reads, "How The Right Went Wrong."
Many of those who may read this may be too young to remember, but Mr. Reagan was pilloried day after day, night after night on the big three network news programs. Oh, that is when people watched them. It was no better on CNN, then the only cable news network. Trashing went on in the pages of Time, Newsweek and to a lesser extent, US News and World Report. There was no big talk radio to speak of. No alternative media like there is today.
The reality is that the DBDMSM is trying to kill conservatism every chance they get. And more people are tuning out. So, what you may get in polling data is answers from people who may still depend on one of the old media sources for their information. Hence, that maybe why Rudy Giuliani is leading in many polls. But, back to the DBDMSM attack.
Emery points out article upon article describing all that is wrong with Mr. Reagan and the administration. Note, not one will be a conservative or even close.
Read Miss Emery's piece and I believe that it is something that should buck every conservative up and get us going to find the best candidate in '08

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