Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Mormon In The White House?

Radio talker extrordinare Hugh Hewitt ( has written a new book for the marathon political season on the candidacy of former Massachussetts governor Mitt Romney called "A Mormon In The White House" and it takes on one of the last great pleasures of certain bigots-the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
As you know, I am a traditional Christian, and Episcopalian. Many people rightfully critizize our leadership starting with the so-called Presiding Bishop, Katherine Schorri Jefferts. But what really gets a traditional Episcopalian going is talking about the Book Of Common Prayer. I bring it up because the Book Of Common Prayer is unique to the Episcopal Church. Oh yes, we sprinkle water three times on babies and say they are baptised. If they stay long enough, roughly around 13 years old, they will be "confirmed" which means they are official Episcopalians and can partake Holy Communion.
Now, why would I bring this up? Because there are unique aspects of the LDS that make many people, secular and faith practioners sit up and take notice.
There is the fact that all clergy are male and unpaid volunteers. There is no formal clergy to speak of. There is the issue of "worthy" people being allowed to worship in an LDS temple. Oh, and the undergarment issue. I'm sure you know that one. Where most LDS wear symbols on their undergarments. These just scratch the surface.
What is troubling, is some polling data has the number of Americans unwilling to vote for an LDSer as high as 43%! That is staggering, if true.
I think that with the book, which I will order this weekend and the oppertunity for Mr. Romney to educate Americans about the Mormon faith without sounding like he is running for theologian in chief will change many American minds.
When I survey the field of Republicans running for the White House, to me Mr. Romney so far sounds like the kind of leader I want at the top of the ticket. I think only someone like a Mr. Romney could do something out of the box, like nominate some one like a Micheal Steele, the former lt. governor of Maryland to be the GOP vice presidential nominee. Now, that would be ticket balancing. A Mormon and a Roman Catholic. I don't think Rudy or Sen. John McCain would do something that bold.
Also, those who say that Mr. Romney is a flip flopper should take him at his word on the social issues that he has come around to . Someone like a Mr. Romney is more likely to nominate a real judicial conservative to the United States courts and the supreme court, despite what Rudy says. Also, we never know about ol' Sen. McCain. Also, expect someone like Mr. Romney to do what he says for he will be under a microscope should he win the GOP nod and the White House.
I look forward to reading Hugh's book and it may cement my thought that Mr. Romney may win this race after all. Stay tuned.

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