Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thompson & Illegal Immigration

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, who is flirting with a serious presidential run in 2008 has some straight talk on illegal immigration (
By addressing this serious issue in a plain talking way, the speculation is that at the very least he is very seriously thinking about running for president. Not only that, but he has a record as a senator and a higher conservative record than his friend and former colleague, Sen John McCain (R-Ariz).
But, as much as I would like that record, he is a creature in many ways of Washington, which is one reason many look to Rudy Giuliani as a reasonable alternative. While Mitt Romney has not done well in polling, he will and that will be a reason.
We should, as conservative Republicans, look seriously at a potential Thompson run. He would push the highly negative Newt Gingrich to the sidelines and definitely be in the top tier.
That is one reason he has decided to comment on the illegal immigration problem.

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Joe Roncaglione said...

the Fred Thompson I saw on FOXNews Sunday was calling for the leagalization of illegals already here. Is this conservativism? Will this energize the conservative base? More importantly is this the faithful execution of the laws of the US? It seems like a subversion of the Constitution to me!