Friday, March 23, 2007

Two Republicans That Need To Be Defeated In 2008

Walter Jones and Wayne Gilcrest. Remember those two names.
They are the two Republican congressman who joined the 218 majority of otherwise Democrats to vote for defeat in Iraq by setting a date certain withdrawal and setting knowingly ridiculous benchmarks.
No matter as President Bush vowed to veto the bill and judging by the bare majority, there will be no override.
At least 14 Democrats voted against the bill and they are brave in comparison the two above mentioned weasels.
Walter Jones is in North Carolina and Wayne Gilcrest is in Maryland. They need strong primary challengers to defeat them and win for victory in Iraq. See if there is any action in that regard at Victory Caucus Give some ideas of strong, Iraq veteran potential candidates.
It is one thing to have been against the war from the beginning, but going against it when our troops need it the most, that is reprehensible.
Two weasels who need to lose next year-Walter Jones and Wayne Gilcrest-remember those names!

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