Sunday, March 04, 2007

Romney Winning Over Conservatives

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney seems to be the choice of attendees at the CPAC meeting in Washington, DC.
In a straw poll, Mr. Romney got 21% while the nearest, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani got 17%. Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback got 15%. Supposed GOP front runner, Sen. John McCain, who skipped the event, got 12%. The rest were also rans.
This says a lot about conservatives and going against the conventional wisdom and backing someone like Mr. Romney.
The DDBMSM crowd is ga-ga over Rudy Guiliani "rescuing" the Republican party from all us evil right wingers. They are going out of their way to paper over the serious differences between Mr. Giuliani and the dominant conservatives in the GOP. Won't happen. Mr. Giuliani will NOT get the GOP nod.
Forget Sen. John McCain. While he ignores those he needs the most, conservative activists and GOP primary voters, that 12% is only a sign of things to come. Also, don't make your announcement on the David Letterman show. Not exactly appealing to Red State America.
So, that leaves Mr. Romney. A lot has been said that he is not a "real" conservative. Well, as a Republican governor in Massachusetts, he was much more conservative than his GOP predecessors, all vowedly liberal Republicans. Also, when the state supreme court decision "legalizing" same sex marriage, he did all he could to get it to a vote of the people. Also, because of an experience with a scientist in explaining embryotic stem cell research, he camme around on that issue. I will take Mr. Romney at his word. I also would point out that former California Gov. Ronald Reagan in 1967 signed a bill liberalizing California abortion law. As in all cases when liberals want something bad enough, they lie. Mr. Reagan was told it would lessen abortions. Of course that was a lie and Ronald Reagan became the most articulate defender of the unborn, in or out of the White House.
If I had to vote and the only way to get out of the convention room was to pick one candidate, I would have voted for Mr. Romney.
I am not totally sold yet, but a least he calls our enemies in the War Against Terror what they are-Jihadists. President Bush once actually said Islamofacists, never to say it again. We need more straight talk like that. And we do get that from Mr. Romney.
Eventually, I think many Republicans will come around and realize that only someone like Mr. Romney can actually make the kind of bold moves that will embolden disgruntled conservatives and complacent Republican voters. After all, he did win the governorship in Massachusetts.
I think conservatives are getting it. Now, the rest of the Republican voters get it, Willard Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for president in 2008.

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