Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Misleading The Flock

It seems that the Left Angeles Times, for those not familiar, the Los Angeles Times, thinks that the Episcopal Church is united in rejecting the requests of the worldwide Anglican Communion, which it is part of, to stop blessing same sex unions, ordaining openly gay and lesbian clergy who are not celibate and other measures.
In an article in today's fish wrap, it seems to leave out the fact that at least 10 conservative bishops do not favor the prevailing wind among the dominant liberal House of Bishops and in fact it is their pleas to the Archbishop of Canterbury precipitating this crisis. They will lead the schism of the Episcopal Church and it will not stop there.
Also, there are many in parishes that do NOT agree with their rectors and or bishops on the above issues and many others.
Here is the problem in a nutshell.
Today's "leadership" is only interested in a social gospel. That means concern for the poor and marginalized in society. It also in today's lexicon means socialism. The clergy seems to forget about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and building up the spiritual body of each member. Without that, it is nothing more than socialists wearing collars.
So, while the "leadership" lead by the so-called presiding bishop, Katherine Jefferts-Schori, fiddles as Rome burns, it would behoove the Left Angeles Fish wrap to report all sides, not the side it favors in the titanic struggle for the heart and soul of the Episcopal Church.

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hjenny said...

"I prefer to enlighten, not enrage," says your profile.

I guess I'm having trouble seeing the intention to enlighten in emotional, provocative phrases like, "The clergy seems to forget about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ," or "the so-called presiding bishop," or "socialists wearing collars." You certainly have a right to blog your opinion, but it's hard to take it seriously if you are unable to see that such expressions will only entertain those who already agree with you, will certainly not enlighten anyone, and are certain to enrage many. It's unfortunate, because you're a good writer.

Grace and peace,