Saturday, March 10, 2007

Is Newt Running?

Friday, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (R-Georgia) made a confession that everyone knew concerning the divorce from his second wife and subsquent marriage to wife number three.
That he was having the affair while congress was leading the impeachment against former President Clinton.
What is dumb is that is already well known and if not, the divorce papers, which are public, states that as one of the reasons leading to the divorce.
It is interesting that his mea culpa was with Dr. James Dobson, host of Focus On The Family.
It is a Christian, evangelical radio program.
Is it possible that Mr. Gingrich did this as an end run if he does announce in September that he is in fact running for president? Conventional wisdom says yes, but I think it is just that he thinks it is time to come clean. I do not think that he is running.
The reason I do not think that he is running is that he really needs to make those intentions known now and get a team together before the top tier of Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney have them all taken up in their campaigns. Another reason is that he may be showing Mr. Giuliani how to handle this situation as he also was having an affair with wife number three while still married to wife number two. However, that divorce was brutal and very public and may come back to haunt Mr. Giuliani no matter how much he tries to explain it. Ah, a third reason is that Mr. Gingrich has the highest negative ratings after Sen. Hilary Clinton.
With all that against him, I think it was just to come clean, so to speak, on the part of Mr. Gingrich.
Without a doubt he is the most intelligent political figure today in either party. He is not just a thinker but an author and some one who will be very useful in a future Republican administration. No one doubts his prowess as he led the Republicans to take the House of
Representatives in 1994. But it is also that same prowess that led to his downfall in 1998. It is also another reason he won't run, his somewhat self-destructive behavior.
I think that he did a good thing in being public with how that was wrong and that it was not equal to what was going on with then President Clinton. Mr. Clinton was a liar in a sexual harassment suit and never came "clean" until confronted. As I would say then, if he were to lie about something like that, what major lies did he tell the American people? I think 9/11 was one of the answers to that.
Now if Mr. Gingrich does change his mind and runs, this will be more or less behind him.

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