Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tony Dungy, Bigot

Tony Dungy, the coach of the Super Bowl winning Indianapolis Colts is a practicing and devout Christian. A wonderful thing, right? According to a Washington Post blogger, not when you support a Christian organization that opposes same-sex marriage.
Today on the Rush Limbaugh website he has the link to the Post blogger that says, point blank, that Mr. Dungy is a bigot for supporting an organization that opposes same-sex marriage. I do not believe that to be true. I think, like so many Christians, Mr. Dungy believes that the sexual actions of homosexuality is what is wrong, not the person.
For the blogger's information, this is an issue that has not only divided much of Christendom but whole denominations. The Post's blogger, Emil Steinner, may not realize that. Mr. Dungy represents what can be said to be the traditional view of sexual relations. That it should only be between and man and woman, married at that. To people like Mr. Steinner, that may be quaint and old-fashioned, but it is something that many Americans believe in, Christian or not.
It is an issue that threatens to tear apart my Christian denomination, the Episcopal Church.
So, maybe Mr Steinner should not shoot from the typewriter key and ask if what Mr. Dungy believes is not what the majority of Americans believe. If it is, it is up to people like Mr. Steinner to educate Americans as to why that is wrong, not character assassinate good, decent men like Tony Dungy.
I think it took a while for the DDBMSM to go after Mr. Dungy for being a Christian.

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