Saturday, March 03, 2007

Guess Who Will Get A Pass-Bill or Ann

Two very opinionated commentators make two offensive comments, Ann Coulter and Bill Maher. Which one will be raked over the coals and which one will get the pass?
No question, ol' Ann Coulter will get more flack for indirectly referring to Democrat presidential candidate John Edwards as a faggot. Watch the youtube video ( and judge for yourself. I think it was a very bad attempt at humor. Ann is a great author who has written must read conservative classics, but sometimes she just says moronic things. I do not know why because she has more intelligence in her pinky than does Bill Maher.
Speaking of Bill, he said he was sorry that an attempted assassination attempt against Vice-President Richard Cheney was not successful.
Excuse me, but wishing that Vice-President Cheney was assassinated is much worse than calling John Edwards a faggot. One is a stupid insult, the other is something that should get some one thrown off television. But, alas, Ann will get grief for a stupid attempt at a joke and Bill will get a wink-wink and "way to go" from the liberal elites who probably do wish that Mr. Cheney was killed in Afghanistan.
Lets be clear, Miss Coulter should not be a comediane if she can not deliver a punchline that makes sense. But Mr. Maher should not be telling an audience that any government official would be better off dead.
That is the world we live in. The conservative pundit who can't make a joke will get harrased over the liberal pundit who wishes government officials dead.
In my book, neither Ann Coulter or Bill Maher should get a pass on this. I think they should be put in a wrestling ring and duke it out. I would pay to see Ann tear Bill to shreds!


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Jester said...

You're missing a FUNDAMENTAL difference:

Bill Maher is a COMEDIAN.

Ann Coulter claims to be a political expert.