Thursday, March 22, 2007

They Forgot To Fire One U.S. Attorney

In the hubbub over the Bush administration firing of the eight United States attorneys, one name was missing. The over zealous Eddie Sutton from Texas.
While he is apparently following the policy of waiting for an illegal alien to have a sixth strike before prosecuting, he has no problem going after United States Border Control agents doing their job.
You don't know who Mr. Sutton is? He is the United States attorney who prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law border agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos. They were trying to capture an fleeing illegal alien drug smuggler when they shot him in the buttocks. Some say that the suspect was already in Mexico when when the shots hit him.
Well, Mr Sutton, while really busy looking to prosecute those six-strikers, found that these agents did not follow procedures fully to the letter of the law. What they did was so heinous that he gave the suspect FULL immunity and used him to testify against the two agents, who are Hispanic Americans. The suspect gets off to smuggle drugs over the border while the two agents are found guilty and sent to prison almost as fast as in an episode of Law and Order. While in prison, appealing his case, Mr. Ramos was put in the general population and beaten severely by, no doubt, illegal alien prisoners that you and I, the American taxpayer, are paying to house rather than ship back to Mexico or where ever they are from.
Mr. Sutton also used this prosucatiorial tactic on a Texas border sheriff deputy.
There are a lot of unanswered questions on the case of agents Compean and Ramos that the trial transcript could answer, but there is no question that something is wrong with the United States attorney's office here and I call for Attorney General Gonzales to fire Eddie Sutton.
Oh, but that might get Mr. Gonzales in trouble with congress, the media, et al.

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Johnny Sutton is an asshole said...

I think you meant Johnny Sutton. But everything else you said was exactly right in that he is corrupt as hell. I'd like to see him disbarred and thrown in prison with other pieces of shit like himself so that he can be beaten within an inch of his life like Ramos was.