Friday, March 09, 2007

The Fair And Balanced Dems...NOT!

Ah, the Democrat party has decided to drop the Fox New Channel from sponsoring a presidential debate for the Nevada Democrat party slated for August 14. The Nevada Dems wanted to reach out to a wider audience and why not? FNC is the top rated cable news channel and MSNBC and CNN can not top them combined.
So, why do the Dems say no to FNC?
Well, the wacko, Daily Kos crowd said it was not good to allow FNC to sponsor and have the debate because it leans right in its news coverage. SHOCKING!
Ol' John Alleuia Edwards, ambulance chasing oppertunist that he is, led the candidates to drop out of the debate. Then New Mexico, USA governor Bill Richardson dropped out. That put pressure on the Nevada Democrat party to scrap the sponsorship and debate on FNC.
It is truly fascinating to see the pot calling the kettle black! I mean, it is not enough that they control the three major on air broadcast networks, much of print media thanks to the Evil Axis of the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, as well as two of the three cable news networks. They can't even let FNC sponsor and air a debate. I am sure a great deal of the regular FNC audience would watch. But no, the whackjobs are running the asylum.
It is also proof positive that the Dems have not changed their stripes and in fact are becoming much more radicalized than the Republican party ever was.
While the Republican party will smartly reach out to every one in every way, the Dems feel they can not. It is another reason why, come election day 2008 Americans will more than likely elect a Republican back to the White House. No serious Republican candidate looks anything close to the whackos in the hunt for the Democrat nomination.
Let us all agree, the Dems are not fair and balanced!

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