Thursday, March 29, 2007

Democrat Congress Not Doing Much Better In Public's Eyes

We were promised by the Democrats that when they took back congress, things would be different.
According to Real Clear Politics cumulative polling data on congress the public's positive/negative is 30.5% positive, 58.5% negative. The best rating that the Democrat congress got was a 43% in the ABC/Washington Post poll taken from January 16-19, 2007. In the latest poll from Fox News taken March 27-28, 2007, the best congress can do is a 30% positive, 58% negative. That is about the Real Clear Politics poll average.
So, what happened? How come congress' ratings are not through the roof now that they are taking on President Bush and the administration? I mean there is not a subpoena that congress will not throw out willy nilly! And the tone, well it is wonderful. I mean, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal) could only advise the president to "calm down" as he has threatened to veto the military appropriation bill that sets a time line for combat troops to leave the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror.
I think the reason is clear why congress has such low ratings.
The public wanted congress to really do some work-not bash Mr Bush-and to work in a cooperative manner. I mean, President Bush has constantly put forth an olive branch only to have it snatched away by Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada).
This is what was warned during the mid-term election campaign season. Not that Republicans did such a wonderful job during the last congressional term. Because of that, they got their hats handed to them.
So, will all of this eventually lead to congress impeaching President Bush? I mean, isn't that something that the public wants? Everything we hear from the Democrats is that they are only trying to bring the troops home because that is what the American people voted for when they voted them to take control of congress? Are the Dems not looking for something they can get President Bush on?
I think if they want to go for negative positive/negative ratings, they should keep going. People may wish for the good old days when things got done when the Republicans ran congress!

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