Friday, March 23, 2007

The Death Of Conservatism-Again!

According to a recent Pew Research poll, more Americans identify themselves as Democrats than Republicans and that some of the issues that Republicans have ran on are now favoring the Democrats and the left. I am not overly surprised that, at this point more Americans lean towards the Democrats. Since there is no strong, take no prisoner offensive touting conservatism, the socialists see an opening. But, we have been led down this road before only to have conservatism and the Republicans ride into some power.
In the late 1970's, we were told that George H. W. Bush, a center right Republican would be the savior of the GOP. Ronald Reagan was not even on the radar of many of the pundit class. They figured he got beat in 1976 and would just continue doing radio commentaries. Hmm, some one very Republican and conservative is also doing radio commentaries... I believe that would be former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn). Then, Mr. Reagan announced he would run and he not only won the Republican nomination but trounced one President Jimmy Carter. Mr. Carter has just gotten more bitter since then.
When Gov. Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992. we were told by the pundit class that it surely was the end of conservatism. But, two years later under the discipline of a message and a messenger in Newt Gingrich, conservatives and the GOP did something not seen in many of our lifetimes. They took control of both houses of Congress. Of course we were told that it was only temporary. It took 12 years and a growingly unpopular war in Iraq to bring to Dems back by the slimmest of majorities.
So, what does all this have to do with the Pew poll?
It means that Pew is definitely skewing the questions to produce the results that it wants. We have to look at the fact the Democrats have only controlled congress since January and, with today's slim vote to defeat in the House, there has been no real time to gauge how the Dems are really doing. One fact also remains. In poll after poll, when GOPer's Rudy Guiliani and John McCain are matched against Hilary Clinton and or Barack Obama, Messers Guiliani & McCain are ahead consistently. If the United States is taking a decided left turn, then Clinton and Obama and any other Democrat should be far ahead at this point.
I think that what we are seeing is Bush fatigue. A lot of independent voters are tired of the war in the Iraq theatre, maybe even the War Against Terror itself. These voters see anything Bush and just don't feel all that wonderful.
But, that does not mean that there is this rush to the left.
Can one person, the GOP presidential standard bearer change that? Yes.
That is why this poll is pointless. We should be taking these polls six months from now and see if we get the same results. I have a feeling we won't.
What we need is someone not afraid to talk straight to the American people about a conservative vision for America.
There is a certain radio commentator who seems to be leading that way. We shall see.

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