Friday, September 04, 2009

Van Jones And The Shadow Government Of Czars

I love the fact that the Van Jones' controversy shows that those of us who thought the worst of then Sen. Messiah Barack's associations were right. Very right indeed.
Oh no, Messiah Barack could have never agreed with the rantings and ravings of the "Rev." Jeremiah Wright. I mean, so he was baptized by the "Rev." Wright. Married Michelle Robinson at Trinity United Church of Christ. And sat in the pews of TUCC for 20 years. Come on, Messiah Barack had to roll his eyes at some of his pastor's wildest "preaching"
Then there is William Ayres. The unrepentant terrorist that Messiah Barack befriended enough to have his political coming-out party at his home. Yea, so they sat on a board together. No big deal.
Those are two of the biggies.
But, now this Jones fellow, he is a combo of the "Rev." Wright, Mr. Ayres, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and any other lefty you want to throw in.
Why just today, another few of the revelations of Mr. Jones commentary include how only white kids commit crimes like the Columbine High School massacre. Or when speaking the the Unitarian Universalist 2008 convention, Mr. Jones compared President George W. Bush to a crack addict.
And yet, this is a man that President Obama appointed to a position as the Green Jobs Czar will more than likely get a free pass. Part of the reason is because the Obamawhore media has totally ignored this story of Van Jones.
And much of the media has ignored the fact that there is really two faces of government under President Obama.
There is the public government. You know, the cabinet. The people like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. SecDef Robert Gates. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebilius.
But all these czars, they are the people that President Obama really has doing the governing. These people are what will influence administration policy. And, one can venture that many of these advisers at the link would pass confirmation in the senate.
These are the people that will give a lot of advice to President Obama and he will in turn make it policy of those in the cabinet posts.
Does anyone wonder how public the power of Secretary of State has been taken right out from under Mrs. Clinton's feet?
And what about this whole concept of "green jobs"?
Well, Mr. Jones has some thoughts on that.
A couple of highlights:

"The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities because they don't have a racial justice frame."

"Let's start taking money away from the incarerators and the polluters and giving money to the community-based people who are trying to bring forward new jobs, clean energy and stabilizing neighborhoods so we don't have to have crime and over-incarceration."

"We need environmentalism that is relevant to people of color."

If you support President Obama and this push for "green jobs", please convince me and anyone else that he knew nothing about the thoughts of this Jones fellow. I do not think that you can. For at the heart of it, it has to be somewhat what President Obama believes. I mean, this Jones guy is the "Rev." Wright without a Roman collar. And not nearly as charming.
I ask you to look at the list of shadow government czars. See if many of these names could have been appointed to cabinet or sub-cabinet posts.
Of course not!
But, make up positions like the green jobs czar, appoint some communist throwback like Jones and well, the real policy is going to be made in this group of people. And it amounts to a shadow government.
And talk about extra-constitutional.
As an aside, it is about time that a Republican calls for President Obama to throw this Bolshevik Jones under the bus.
Indiana Rep. Mike Pence has called for this Bolshevik Jones guy to resign. And Rep. Pence is right. And I will take it further. Mr. President, fire all of these czars and start governing. Stop hiding behind congress, bad advice and advisers. Listen to the people you appointed to be the cabinet chiefs, not these people you think are helping you out. Most important, let us have one government at a time.

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DoorHold said...

Jones: "We need environmentalism that is relevant to people of color."

I hadn't seen that one. Wow, that's a doozy. There's no mistaking that for anything but what it is.

At least we all knew in advance the type of people Obama surrounds himself with. He won the election anyway, so apparently enough people either agree with those sentiments or were willing to overlook them to achieve other goals.

I will cut Jones some slack on the white-kids-be-crazy comment. Pointing out ACTUAL cultural differences that are demonstrably true isn't racism, even if it comes out of the mouth of one.