Wednesday, September 09, 2009

California Assemblyman DOES Resign

So now it appears that Mr. Duvall is claiming that he did not have an or any affairs. Sure you didn't!

WOW! I guess that now former California Assemblyman Michael Duvall does read Right View From The Left Coast! That may be the reason that the spanker did the "honorable" thing and resigned after bragging of his sexual conquests on the assembly floor. In front of a live microphone.
Where does one begin with this reprobate.
Let's get it out of the way. Mr. Duvall is a Republican. Believe me, that will be well known coast to coast. But, it does not matter in this sense. The man is clearly beyond sleaze.
I mean, the fact that he is carrying on with not just one, but two women at the same time. And they are lobbyists. And, Mr. Duvall is bragging about this to another member on the assembly on the floor during a legislative session.
The immorality is clear. Mr. Duvall is married with children. I am certain that they are proud as a peach in him tonight!
If the morality factor does not get you going, how about bedding down not one but two lobbyists?!
The fact is that Mr. Duvall's votes in regards to the work that the lobbyists were doing will be scrutinized and no doubt there will be investigations if there is even the hint of improper voting.
Unlike the South Carolina groper, Gov. Mark Sanford, Mr. Duvall resigned. And for that he should be thanked.
But the fact is this.
I do not expect our elected officials to be Boy Scouts. Or Girl Scouts. But two things are important.
First, discretion.
There is not reason this reprobate, Mr. Duvall, needed to be a braggart. And while many an elected official have reputations, they do not need to be putting out there so publicly.
Second, not giving into lobbyists. Or sleeping with them. When elected officials realize that they work for us, the citizens, and not the lobbyists and the fat cats, then things will be done differently. I want my representatives to vote their beliefs and conscience. Even if I do not agree with them.
Mr. Duvall was right to resign. Too bad he can not take the whole California legislature with him!

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