Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maybe Congress Can Investigate Black Kids Beating Up White KID

Ah, the Democrat controlled House of Representatives. Such a fine group. Because they never have shown any disrespect for any Republican president, spent a precious day arguing over "rebuking" fellow Congressman Joe Wilson.
You remember Congressman Wilson. He had the tenacity to speak truth to power. Congressman Wilson interrupted President Obama's epic fail of a speech before a joint session of congress last Wednesday night. What did Congressman Wilson dare say?
"You lie!"
The Dear Leader, President Obama, actually looked up and said "that's not true".
So, today, Congressman Wilson got his "rebuke" essentially along a party line vote of 240-179. Amazingly, seven Republicans joined the majority. Even more amazing, 12 Democrats joined the minority.
Hey, maybe congress ought to look at this incident in which a White high school student was beaten up by two Black students.
Now the officials in the case are backtracking that the attack maybe racially motivated.
Can not Black students beat up a White student and it may very well be racially motivated?
Of course. And it happens all the time. Also happens the other way too.
But would the same school and police officials be so quick to backtrack if the situation was reversed?
I doubt it.
But, the point overall is that congress has a helluva lot better things to do than score political points on the head of Congressman Wilson.
In reality, this could very well be the Democrat Terry Schiavo moment.
That was when a Republican controlled congress got involved in a years-long struggle to let Mrs. Schiavo, in a vegetative state, to die rather than be kept alive by artificial means. Congress voted to take the case out of Florida courts and transfer it to federal court. Then President George W. Bush went to Washington, D. C. to sign the legislation.
While many of us who favored the legislation thought that it was appropriate, public opinion did not.
The prevailing view was that congress overstepped it bounds.
And that maybe what people see here as well.
But, again, congress can look into this situation in Bellevue and see whether or not it was racially motivated.
It would be a better waste of congress time rather than harassing a fellow congressman for daring to speak truth to power.

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Amy said...

Even if one does not agree with the President, the outburst was so disrespectful, so the rebuke was a good decision.