Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Energy Secretary Steven Chu-Idiot Of The Day!

Gosh, I think that as long as the Dear Leader, President Obama, is in the White House, this will be a daily posting on Right View From The Left Coast.
Well, there is a new Idiot Of The Day and it comes from within the inner sanctum of Team Obama.
It is the Energy Secretary, Steven Chu.
And what earns Mr. Chu the dubious title of Idiot Of The Day?
Maybe it is when Mr. Chu refers to Americans as "Teenage kids" because we are not falling in line with Mr. Chu and his boss, the Dear Leader, President Obama, on so-called "climate change".
The full quote in question has to be read for the arrogance that drips from the tongue of Mr. Chu:

“The American public…just like your teenage kids, aren’t acting in a way that they should act,” Dr. Chu said. “The American public has to really understand in their core how important this issue is.”

And whats more is that the Energy Department, which should have been disbanded in the Reagan administration, is going to make sure that they start with the, well teenage kids.
In the linked article, the Environmental Protection Agency is teaming up with the Parent Teacher Organization and going out to 6,000 schools to spread propaganda about so-called excessive greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and the new and improved buzz-term, climate change.
Hey, kiddies. Uncle Right View From The Left Coast is going to let you in on one little secret.
"Climate change" sounds a lot better than the old buzz term, "Global Warming". Or as it is correctly referred to here as Globaloney Warming.
But, dang that Mr. Chu. He does not stop there.
Mr. Chu, parroting the Dear Leader, President Obama, says this about the so-called "green" economy:

Still, Secretary Chu said he didn’t think that the public would throw the same political temper tantrum over climate legislation has has happened with the healthcare debate.
Asked if he expected a town-hall style pushback, Dr. Chu said he was optimistic the public would buy the administration’s arguments that energy efficiency and caps on greenhouse-gas emissions will spark an economic rebound.
“I don’t think so…maybe I’m optimistic, but there’s very little debate” that a new green energy economy will bring economic prosperity, Mr. Chu told reporters.

I am so sorry to imform you, Mr. Chu, but there is a debate over whether or not a "green" economy will bring economic prosperity. And a little more for you, Mr. Chu. The "temper tantrum" that the American people are throwing is not just at the Dear Leader, President Obama, trying to nationalize one-sixth of the United States economy by nationalizing health-care delivery. The "temper tantrum" is about the excess of big government all the way around.
I do not understand how the Dear Leader, President Obama, still has any popularity whatsoever. And guys like Steven Chu do not help either.
From the Dear Leader, President Obama, on down, it appears that this administration is going to do anything opposite that the people want. And they will make sure to insult them along the way as well.
And so long as there is an Obama administration and such clueless souls as Steven Chu, there will be a place for the IDIOT OF THE DAY! And today's entry is Energy Secretary, Steven Chu.

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