Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Chuck DeVore For Senate-And Send A Message To Sen. Cornyn

I was waiting to make a formal Right View From The Left Coast endorsement. But the National Republican Senate Committee is forcing me to formally endorse Assemblyman Chuck DeVore to be the GOP nominee for senate in California.
And that leads to the thrust of this post.
Once again, the NRSC, led by Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn is trying to end primary challenges before they begin. As this from The Other McCain notes, Sen. Cornyn is trying to force Carly Fiorina on the California Republican voter. Just as Sen. Cornyn is trying to force Florida Gov. Charlie Crist on the Florida Republican voter. And, according to John Hawkins over at Right Wing News, there is behind the scenes maneuvering in Colorado as well to try and stop a primary battle in that senate race.
Here is a clue for Sen. Cornyn and the minions over at the NRSC.
Take a look at the Rassmussen poll that shows 74% of REPUBLICANS think that people like you are out of touch with the base. Gee, I wonder why?!
Maybe it is because Sen. Cornyn and the Beltway gang will never get their head out of the beltway and to the grassroots.
Take the Fiasco in Florida between Gov. Crist and former Florida House Speaker, Marco Rubio.
Mr. Rubio is a solid, conservative, Hispanic. A dream candidate. A proven winner. And one that did not change his mind to suit any one constituency. So, what does the Beltway "Braintrust" try to tell Florida GOP voters? You have to go with Gov. Crist. Look, Crist is a proven winner. Never mind that Gov. Crist has put his finger to the wind and governed accordingly. After all, it was Gov. Crist singing the praises of President Obama and the so-called economic "stimulus" scam. How is that doing in Florida, Gov. Crist? Never mind that while he continues his climb up the ladder, there is a persistent rumor that Gov. Crist is a closeted homosexual. I do not care. Let him swing open that gay door, if it is true. But, he did marry last year. Some say it is a marriage of convenience. But, why take a risk of putting all the marbles on one guy? Is that not what a P R I M A R Y is? A chance for party voters to decide who the best candidate would be in the general election?
I guess not in Sen. Cornynland.
Now, Sen. Cornyn is setting his sights and NRSC money all on Mrs. Fiorina here in the not-so-Golden State.
And what is Mrs. Fiorina's claim to fame?
Mrs. Fiorina was once the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. And she was forced out in less than two years.
A worse sin was that she became an early and ardent backer of the failure that was the campaign of Sen. John "F--- You" McCain for the presidency. She was an economic "adviser". Well, she gave lousy advice because after all, Sen. "F--- You" McCain nearly derailed his campaign to back the bank bailout in September. And that was the straw that broke the camel's back in the mind of many a Republican and conservative voter. And not to mention many who ended up voting for then Sen. Messiah Barack.
Does Sen. Cornyn not realize that President Obama and his policies are so revolting to the majority of Americans that good, solid Republicans that have a proven conservative record will be able to win in 2010?
This is not an election coming up that the Republicans have to go with the lesser of two evils. We do not have to desperately back a Lincoln Chaffee. An Arlen Specter. Now, those are two profiles in courage. Especially Sen. Specter.
Let us, the Republican primary voter decide who should be on the ballot for senate. Not the power brokers in the Beltway.
Oh yes, and note why there is NOT ONE RED CENT out there. It is because of you, Sen. Cornyn.
So, if you are here in California, take a look at Assemblyman DeVore's website and where he stands on the issues. Fork out some cash. And, do not forget Marco Rubio in Florida.
It is time for the Republican grassroots, the Republican voters to tell Sen. Cornyn and the Beltway gang to keep your grimy paws off of our primaries! Let us decide. And you better fund who wins said primaries to the hilt to get back the senate! If not, well I hate to see your fate Beltway gangsters.


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Carly's campaign site is already up! http://www.karlaforsenate.com

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That site about sums it up - loser