Friday, September 25, 2009

Even Some Of The Dear Leader's Friends Are Questioning His Governing Style

This column is a very interesting one because it is not written by someone on the right. But a man of the center-left.
David Broder is not a right winger. And you must read the whole column to get the thrust of what is wrong with the way the Dear Leader, President Obama, is trying to govern the United States.
The money quote is this:

Democracy and representative government are a lot messier than the progressives and their heirs, including Obama, want to admit. No wonder they are so often frustrated.

And therein lies the problem for Team Obama and their allies in congress.
The term that Mr. Broder uses to describe the approach of the Dear Leader, President Obama is rational analysis. That is taking taking on the big issues as the Dear Leader sees them and trying to be above the fray and offer what would seem to be, on the surface, a rational approach to solving any problem. The Dear Leader and allies seem to think that this trumps something called governing.
Governing is messy. It means that many times, only some things can be done and others have to wait. Some things are done that should not be done. Some things that needs to be done are not. It is the way that a government, a representative republic, works.
And Mr. Broder points out that the last two Democrat presidents, Jimmah Carter and William Jefferson Blythe Clinton saw that approach blow up in their faces. Mr. Carter lost reelection in 1980 and Mr. Clinton saw large Democrat congressional majorities gone by the middle of his first term.
The Dear Leader, President Obama, needs to realize that he will have to listen to those on the other side if he is to get any of his agenda implemented. It means that he will have to put away the campaign shtick and talk to Republicans. Not tell them that he won and that is that. One thing that Mr. Clinton learned is that he needed to do that when the Republicans took over the congress in 1994. Had he not done so, he most certainly been defeated for reelection in 1996.
We shall see what emerges in the next few weeks and months. But if this is the way the Dear Leader, President Obama, thinks he is going to get anything done, it is going to be a long three-plus years left in his term.

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