Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pasadena Patriots Introduce RVFTLC To Whole Foods

Today was the day that the Pasadena Patriots set aside to show support for Whole Foods and it's CEO, John Mackey, when he dared, dared I tell you, to write an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal offering his views on real health-care reform.
Since that view did not support the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his "public option" plan, many of those that normally shop at Whole Foods said "Whoa Nellie!" and began a pushback that includes a boycott of Whole Foods.
Where oh where are these folks gonna get the organic arugula for their mixed greens?
Well, the Pasadena Patriots and many other organizations support a buycott of Whole Foods. It is simple. Shop at a local Whole Foods and show support for Mr. Mackey and blunt the attempt by some disgruntled shoppers who think that getting food is some kind of political statement.
Now your humble blogger has not been to a Whole Foods in about seven years. The last and only time until today was that I was thirsty and wanted a drink. I knew nothing about Whole Foods at that time. I went in, looking for a Coca-Cola and was horrified by what I saw. It looked like a freak show of over grown, in more ways than one, hippies and other assorted misfits. I vowed not to step foot in another one again.
Then their CEO actually wrote something that made sense. How to deal with health-care reform without getting the federal government so involved.
I thought before this buycott that I may have to break my vow and show support by stepping into a local Whole Foods. And yes, buy something. So, the Pasadena Patriots organized today as a day.
So, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I took the step into the new local Whole Foods and I admit, I was pleasantly surprised.
It is still a bit on the freak-show side, but now there assorted yuppies and that type interspersed with the old and young hippies and wannabes. And today, there were a lot of regular people shopping and showing support for a CEO, John Mackey, who simply offered some way other than the Democrat party line-single-payer, socialized medicine.
And there were actually some items that I would even buy and did!
And who knows, maybe I would go back-if it was not so damned expensive!
I am glad that I went, showed some support for Mr. Mackey and his right to express his point of view, and rethought my thinking on Whole Foods.
Thank you Pasadena Patriots for taking time to organize and get people out there to support rather than oppose an issue or a person.

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DoorHold said...

Boycott of Whole Foods = Grassroots activism.

Buycott of Whole Foods = Astro-turf.

Am I right? Do I get a whole-grain, organic wheat and soy cookie?