Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Support Republicans For Senate Races-Not The NRSC

Today on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, Mr. Hewitt made one good point and one not so good point.
Take the not so good one first.
If you are a Republican or Republican-leaning voter, Mr. Hewitt says that we must fork out some cash to the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatrorial Committee to help Republicans take back congress.
Well, I say this.
Support the NRCC. It appears that under the leadership of Congressman Pete Sessions (R-Texas), the candidates for congress are lining up nicely. And there is no heavy-handedness in trying to pick one candidate over the other in any given district.
But, do not support the NRSC!
Sen. John Cornyn, (also R-Texas), seems to be an OK guy. But, under his leadership any chance of taking back the senate will be doomed from the start.
It is because of the heavy-hand of Sen. Cornyn and his attempts to coronate certain candidates in races before there is even a primary.
The most egregious case of this is in Florida, with Sen. Cornyn endorsing Gov. Charlie Crist and vowing precious NRSC cash to help Gov. Crist in a primary. The first announced candidate was not Gov. Crist, but former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio. A dream candidate. Hispanic, conservative and an up-and-comer. So, Sen. Cornyn endorses the old, White guy. Hey, John. May I call you John? Stay out of the Florida race! Let the Florida Republicans decide and then, pour everything at your disposal to make sure the primary winner wins the general. For the record, I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Rubio because I agree with him on the issues. And it was made easy when John decided to openly take sides and back Gov. Crist.
Same thing in California.
Although she has not announced her candidacy, it appears that former Hewlitt-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina will face off against Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.
And John and the Washington Insider Express is openly backing the unannounced candidacy of Mrs. Fiorina. Once again, makes the decision easy. I have endorsed Assemblyman DeVore.
And some of John's fingerprints are all over in Colorado as well.
We Republicans should be glad and thankful that so many people want to run for office this election cycle. In the last two, Republican candidates and or potential candidates stayed away in droves.
And we Republicans should stay out of primary endorsements from the top. It is what happened when George W. Bush was president and Karl Rove were trying to build a permanent Republican majority. And, it did a lot of good.
Today, we have some of their handy work hanging around the Republican neck like a bad garlic necklace.
Arlen Specter. Lincoln Chafee. Jumpin' Jim Jeffords.
Those are but three of many that were openly endorsed by Mr. Bush and Mr. Rove. I do not need to remind you the fate of all three.
If the NRSC lets the candidates fight it out in primaries and back the winner all the way, I will then encourage and support with cash the NRSC.
Until then, back the candidate of your choice. Do not take your cue from John or any one else in the Washington Insider Express.

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Check out Not One Red Cent for real Republicans running in spite of all the RNC can do to screw it up.