Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scenes From The Los Angeles 9/12 Rally

The following are some of the flavor of the Los Angeles 9/12 rally.
To the right is your humble blogger making his view known. Yes, I now have a beard and no, it is not to protest the Dear Leader!

Above is actress-comedienne Victoria Jackson. She was on fire!
The Pasadena Patriots were in force as you can see. A lot of credit must go to these people for getting a lot of the turnout.

This sign of President George Washington says what I believe he would be saying if he were with us today. Poor George. He must be rolling in his grave to see what is going on in this Great Land!
The other gentleman with the "Don't Tread On Me" flag is my good friend, Abe Villescas, Jr. We have know each other for over 25 years and met when your humble blogger was in the College Republicans.

A really hilarious sign being held by this woman. If you can not read it, the caption reads, "Comrade Obama Leading Us To The Glorious Future!" and of course there are photos of the Democrat congressional leadership. Priceless!