Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Ever Charmin' Fortney Stark

Gosh, it is great to be a Californian!
I mean, we get to send such people as Maxine "Mad Dog" Walters, Barbara Boxer, Diane "Castro's Buddy" Watson, The Sanchez Sisters (Loretta and Linda) to Washington to supposedly represent us. And before one thinks there are only on this list, I just save the best for last.
The ever lovely congressman Fortney Stark, (D-No Cal, Of Course).
You know, this is the same congressman who accused former President George W. Bush of sending troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to get their heads blown off for Mr. Bush's pleasure.
Or, try this gem.
When Mr. Stark called former Colorado congressman Scott McInnis a "fruitcake" and for extra pleasure, a "c---sucker".
You have to read the whole piece to get a real flavor for Mr. Stark.
Oh, and in the piece is when Mr. Stark actually took the time call a constituent. In a manner that many of his left-wing Democrat peers are taking to describe the righteous anger building among the American people, he insults the constituent. Mr. Stark says this:

“Probably somebody put you up to this, and I’m not sure who it was, but I doubt if you could spell half the words in the letter and somebody wrote it for you. So I don’t pay too much attention to it.”

Now where do we hear this kind of talk today? Oh yes, in reference to the debate over the so-called health care "reform" debate. Yes, we are "astroturf" or even being "paid" by the eeevvviiill health care insurance industry. Ol' Fortney was just ahead of his time. Yes, sir!
The latest from Mr. Stark is this little gem in which he just does not like the line of questioning:

“Get the f**k out of here or I’ll throw you out the window:”

My gosh, what a charmer ol' Fortney is, I tell you!
But this is nothing new for the only vowed atheist in congress. It is ol' Fortney's MO. To smear and show off to all that he thinks he is the smartest man in the room. Just because he graduated from MIT and got his MBA from Cal Berkley. Yes, Fortney Stark is one smart moron.
And the biggest problem is that he has been in congress since 1973. That is 36 years. Only 10 behind the late Sen. Kennedy.
I understand that the voters in the California 13th congressional district are left-of-center. But even they deserve better that this reprobate, Fortney Stark.
I just wished that the voters would tell ol' Fortney Stark to "Get the f--- out of here".

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DoorHold said...

As any liberal can tell you, being an a-hole isn't enough to keep you out of office. Though I'd disagree with them, they would certainly point to Bush as the perfect example of that.