Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/12 Rally In Los Angeles

Today is a big day in the 9/12 movement across the United States.
Led by the March on Washington, there are many events taking place around the United States.
I want to highlight the one I will be attending later today.
It is in Los Angeles at the Federal Building. The address is:

11000 Wilshire Blvd, West Los Angeles, California

It is going to be a large event with a lot of people participating.
Two of the big names are actor Gary Graham and John Romano, who happen to be contributors to the Andrew Breitbart website Big Hollywood.
There will also be Republican candidates for congress, state assembly and state senate.
If you are in the West Los Angeles area today around 3pm, show up and keep the momentum going. What we did at the Tea Parties on April 15 and in the August congressional townhalls is not enough. The left wing is just getting started and has a lot of cash and groups on their side.
This movement is gaining support because unlike the astroturf on the left, this is truly the grass roots at work. It is regular, hard-working middle-class people that have had it. We feel that our voices have not been heard for many a moon. And now, with such communication as the internet, a movement is being born. And it is in the toddler stage and soon will be larger than many on the other side realize.

Hope to see you at the 09/12 Los Angeles rally later today!

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